The cod continues

I’ve been covering Dave Wood‘s visit to Atticall last month, and his work on compiling stories and poetry on reconciliation. Some of you may recall that a piece of poetry evolved from one of our visits with the children at Kilkeel library, and it provoked a little bit of debate on the nature of literature versus expression.

Dave has compiled a response, and you can find it below the fold.a hymn to the fish stink of kilkeel

fish fight fish fight
with all your might
slap cod slap hands
and slapil-ie

fish fight – fish might
who’s wrong? – who’s right?
fish place fish stink
all fish to fry

fish why? fish die
you’re for fish pie
you hit you jab
and then you lie

fish sigh – fish nigh
sight goes awry
go argue then
where the oil fries

and when the oil fries – you scream out loud
both stink the worst – where stink is proud