Orangeism and liberty

For a man who chastises me for being “a 19th centaury liberal dressed up as a conservative”, Brian Crowe displays some of his classical liberalism in this piece on the historical narrative of the Orange Institution.

  • darth rumsfeld

    “Saying that the attackers of the Black Preceptory parade wearing GAA shirts makes the GAA sectarian is as ludicrous as saying that if they wore England shirts then the England football team is sectarian. The GAA has no control over what people wear.”

    Completely fair point. But if you disassociate GAA spectators from participants don’t you have to do the same thing for the Orange Order and the blue bag brigade who come out to watch them too?

  • Liar liar

    Paddy Reilly

    here is just one reference to one contentious AOH parade which sees the locals hemmed into their houses for most of the day, and being attacked with missiles

    and there is usually alot of sectarian violence at st paddys day parade, with protestants being attacked, ive heard of cases in both Newry and belfast where even protestant schoolchildren were attacked, but am sure theres others

    nationalist parades in other towns like Ballymena are purely a coat trailing exercise designed to heighten community tension

  • Darth/Liar

    The solution might be to ban the Royal Black Perceptory to that GAA members could get on with their activities in peace. The Black Perceptory has a history that puts the Orange Order’s into the shade.

    GAA heads go to play games. Orange members (and this is apples to Orangies) go to stompfest. One goes to play, the other goes to stomp where they are not wanted.

    Your breaking news on Ballymena is two years old. Were the predictions of the arch bigot and son of the bigot in chief accurate? Was there trouble? fatalities?

    Your other source is a Willie Frazer type. How many Protestants protested in Kilkeel against these RC craw thumpers who were bussed in from as far away as four miles?

    Diug deeper and you might find something but I doubt it. The GAA is a cultural organization that has suffered from decades of terrorism and discrimination. The other lot are pitiable sectarian throwbacks to yesteryear. One celebrates cultural openness, the other is the antithesis of liberty and the embodiment of reaction.

  • PaddyReilly


    Well done. I couldn’t find a reference to the AOH more recent than Joe Devlin.

    However, I reiterate: it is parades which need to be banned, not fraternal organisations.

    Banning St Pat’s day though is a non-starter. You can’t ban St Pat in Ireland when it is universal in America. Nor is he ignored in England: my titled friend informs me that they always sang the breastplate on St Pat’s in the chapel at Harrow. They being him and Mark Thatcher and other people you may have heard of.

    I would suggest an opening address by Robin Eames or some such person to broaden the appeal of the solemnity. A march past from the Irish Guards, perhaps.

  • lib2016

    Up until a few years ago we were regularly treated to a photograph of a ‘royal’ handing out shamrocks to squaddies from one of the ‘Irish’ regiments.

    The problem is partly to do with the identity crisis within unionism – are they Scottish or Irish and they seem to detest the English so why do they want to be integrated to them? Then again there’s a theory that they form a distinct NI ethnic group, and there are the various ‘religious’ loonies up to and including the theory that they are one of Israel’s Lost Tribes.

    And don’t start me on the problems surrounding the fact that Britain is neither a nation nor a country but merely a citizenship so does that make unionists the real ‘post-nationalists’ and should they all join the SDLP? 😉

  • pith

    Match the words on the left to the words on the right. Answers on page 1690.

    Orange Order – Enlightenment
    Martin McGuinness – Lovely
    Mary Peters – Mad hate-filled yap
    JJ Rousseau – Mad Hate-filled yaps