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Spare a thought today for Peter Hain [Eh? – Ed] in his other job as Secretary of State for Wales following New Labour’s double by-election defeat in the Welsh constituency of Blaenau Gwent... although no-one seems to have sought his opinion on that yet, despite his early appearance in the campaign.. ANYway.. Elsewhere [that would be Bromley – Ed] David Cameron’s Nu Conservatives squeaked through in front of Emperor Ming’s Lib Dems. It probably won’t make much difference to Tony Blair’s plans, but it may bring a few plotters out of the woodwork.

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    A much worse day for Labour than the Tories – they invested a lot of time and effort into Blaenau Gwent and it all went badly wrong. Interesting that there is anothern NI aspect to the campaign there with former SoS Paul Murphy’s special advisor in the race.

    Tories dont have that much to worry about – a lot of Labour votes there went to the Lib Dems and the Tories probably didnt get their core vote out as effectively as they should have. In such a safe seat a lot of people just leave it to someone else to ensure its won. Also, DC is the first Tory leader to be ahead of Blair in the polls for over a decade now.

    The knives will be coming out for Blair – rumour has it that our own Peter Hain could be one of those waiting to deliver the first blow.