An oversight by the Commissioner?

Noted in the comments here by Nevin. Do you wish to continue the registration on the domain? Updated below the fold.To note, from the NIO website: “On 25th February 2005, the Secretary of State announced that the role of the Oversight Commissioner was to be extended for a further 2 years until the end of May 2007 with Al Hutchinson remaining in the role.”

Final Update Move along.. nothing to see here..


  • qubol

    who fucked up I wonder? Does anyone know who hosted it or built it?

  • Pete Baker

    No idea, qubol.. but it must have been down for the past week..

    “This domain name expired on 06/22/2006..”

  • qubol

    well whoever did it he mustn’t use his email all that much or maybe he is contacting everyone through his Hotmail – you really wouldn’t be surprized

  • Ciaran

    probably because that website isn’t in use anymore, here’s the one that’s been used for the past while:

  • Pete Baker


    That’s a different [Justice not Policing] Oversight Commissioner.

  • Nevin

    Pete, just a small oversight on Ciaran’s part 😉

  • Pete Baker

    Ah.. I see normal service has been resumed..