Some of us earn them!!

I have more than a passing interest in the graduation ceremonies at Queens this year, so I’ve been checking out to see who the Honorary Graduands are, as I usually have no idea who the person is or what they’re on stage for.

This year, Queens has kindly chosen people I recognise, and I see Miss Fitz will be sharing the podium on Monday night with Robert Fisk. Other recipients will include Mickey Harte, Eamonn Holmes, Angela Feeney, Jonathan Porritt and Sir Digby Jones. I would have preferred Mickey Harte, but maybe next time!

Queen’s graduations are the highlight of the academic year and some 4,000 students and their friends and families will celebrate their academic achievements in 12 ceremonies, beginning on the morning of Monday, 3 July and finishing on the afternoon of Friday, 7 July

  • slug

    Miss Fitz, will you be an honourand that day?

  • Queen’s University Belfast was named in honour of the Famine Queen. Having a disreputable history in sectarianism, it finds itself in a changing very competitive world where connections and performance are essential. St Andrews in Scotland, which gives dim witted members of the self styled British Royal family degrees, gave Hollywood star Michael Douglas an honourary PhD a few days ago. Douglas and his wife like to play golf there.

    As regards earning degrees: one thinks of the wise words of Flann O’Brien, Brian O’Nolan, who went to UCD (where “proletarians” Ernie O’Malley and Kevin Barry “studied” medicine). Myles na Gopaleen said all he learned at UCD was how to drink like a fish and get a good snooker break even with a bad cue. Have things changed that much? Adn have these changes been for better or worse?
    Also, the self styled University of Ulster has Richard Lynn of Bell Curve infamy on its faculty. How could any university with a Heinrich Himmler figure like that be taken seriously?

  • Intelligence Insider


    Considering that every post I have read from yourself seems riddled in sectaraianism I for one would be interested in where you “earned” your own degree, if you have one.

    As for your comments regarding a Himmler figure (and I’m not a past UU graduate!) perhaps it would be better to look at the nazi-like figures that dominate republican history , past and present, before posting such nonsense.

  • Intelligence Insider
    1. I have a number of degrees, some from sectarian universities, others from secular.
    2. QUB have yet to honour me with an honourary doctorate. The cheque is in the mail.
    3. I am not the subject of this thread but the concept of degrees, earned and otherwise. Get with the program and don’t play the man.
    4. Richard Lynn is, in soft academic circles, the most well known of UU faculty. He is certainly the most infamous. The fact that he can spew out such anti Irish anti Black etc nonsense from the heartland of “Ulster” is an important point.
    5. There are no Irish republicans of similar academic stature in universities anywhere. Nor have there ever been Perhaps your blinkered thought processes are at fault here.
    6. Should one pretend sectarianism is not at the root of the 6 cos and of thoughts like your own? Read Keynes on the subject of how such thoughts infuse themselves into the deepest recesses of susceptible minds.
    7. Readng over my post, I mentioned two historically supremacist universities (UU and QUB) and one where Catholics had an inordinate say(UCD).
    8. Although I am at a disadvantage explaining myself to the great unwashed (no names II), universities should take a large slice of the blame for supreacist and other crimes committed in Ulster and elsewhere. Certainly Richard Lynn should as his writings are veyr incendiary and reach a far larged and much more influential audience than mine. But hten agian he believes Taigs are mud people, so maybe he is ok and to draw attention to him or to universiites that like to promote him is bad. Eh?
    9. You will notice the Coulter thread is buzzing so lots of people are interested in this theme.
    10. Enjoy your marching season.
    “If you’re talking about minds that hate”

  • Intelligence Insider

    Well Taigs, a 10 attempted point rebuttal which fails to answer the question asked. Hardly surprising. Although looking at your 10 points I doubt you went to any university, never mind the many you feign to “have a number of degrees” from.

  • McGrath


    “There are no Irish republicans of similar academic stature in universities anywhere.”

    Explain yourself man, “similar academic stature”, similar to who? Are you saying republicans do not and should not go to university?

  • Declan Hayes
    BA (Mod), MA, M.Litt (University of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin, better know as Trinity College.
    Ph.D. La Trobe Australia.
    ASIA: Securities Institute of Australia. Post graduate diploma.

    So, that makes one undergraduate degree and four post graduates.

    Is that enough for you, Intelligence Insider? Does that answer your question? You could have followed the link but maybe that is beyond your Intelligence. There was no 10 point rebuttal as you do not make points but merely parade your own sectarianisn; I am adding to the debate. Better parade it here than on the streets of nationalist Belfast where it is not wanted, even if it is tolerated.

    That does not change the fact that QUB and UU have been sectarian hothouses. The UU should have been built in Derry but Taigs might have got jobs that way. And, as for Richard Lynn, I see he is still being quoted on IQs. And UU do nothing.

    I also see Micky Harte seems to be the token taig on QUB’s honorary list.

  • Harry Flashman

    What’s Robert Fisk getting an honorary degree for? For making stuff up? It’s what he’s good at I suppose.


    McGrath: The above is a link to Lynn’s home page. The Jensen article he cites is one of them ost heavily cited in the social sciences and it has been used as a basis for discrimnation ever since. Lynn was a primary source for The Bell Curve, a pseuo intellectual screed that had much more long lasting effects than Coulter or Danny Morrison will ever have.
    Lynn has used the UU as abase to spread this venom far and wide. There is no comparable Irish republican for a variety of reasons including:
    1. Irish republicanism is not, in theory, sectarian or supremacist.
    2. Irish republicans generally concern themselves with Ireland.
    3. They don’t have access to the deep pockets Lynn and his friends do.
    4. They are not as subversive as these people are. (see 3 above)
    5. Ireland is about the size of Sicily and has about as much relevance to the wider world.
    6. Though, for example, I admire historians like Joe Lee (who debunked many of the myths about James Connolly), he interests himself with Ireland, a satellite country in the galaxy of European history. Niche market with niche stature in other words.
    7. Therefore, no Irish republican enjoys the academic stature this wanker does.
    8. Nothing to do with who doe or does not go to universities. Much more to do with who controls thought processes and who sets the paradigm.
    9. Go check out the Anne Coulter thread to see what I mean.
    10. We don’t have a Naom Chomsky thread. Perhaps, like his books, not many would read them, the writings of a token liberal the same way Micky Hartye is the token Taig this time round.

  • Harry F: Mr Fisk collects them; he has one from DCU (UCD for dyslexics:). Token liberal and all that. Can’t see him going to a sectarian Belfast university helping Palestieans as the Israelis prepare for another slaughter of the innocents in Gaza.

  • McGrath


    Ah, what you are saying is no republican would “spew out such anti Irish anti Black etc nonsense from the heartland of Ulster”.

    One would have to disprove Lynns work for that to be the case, i.e maybe he is not anti Irish, maybe he is right? Basically, he thinks the Irish are a bit thick. When you consider some of the attendees at various OO and SF parades, he might be on to something.

  • McGrath

    As I said, there is a mountain of literature in this area. One either buys into racist muck like Lynn’s and David Duke’s and Ian Paisley’s or one does not. He beieves the native, Catholic Irish are thick – people like Micky Harte and believes Orangies and WASPs are God’s own.
    Rushton, with whom he has co authored, beleives Blacks have too much dick and too little brains. He is, like Lynn and other others, very discredited. But discredited ideas are hard to kill, espeically when places like the hard line UU are so protective of these supremacists.

    The Bell Curve was totally shredded after it appeared but supremacists, be they in the Ku Klux Kla, the Orange Order, QUB, UU or any other similar hellhole are not deterred by anything as pedestrians as facts and figures. As rsgards statistics or proper methodology, that is a galaxy beyond these pampered people.

    And, to think, some people “earn” degrees by being asswipes for the likes of Rushton and Lynn.

    In commenting on how Adams etc get useful idiots to help them social climb, please remember that ideas like UU helps Lynn to spew have under written discrimination in South Africa (he thinks black Africans are mud people – go check his website), Dixieland and of curse belfast and environs.

  • Miss Fitz


  • foreign correspondent

    Which part of UU is this Lynn guy based at? As a UU graduate, I feel sick but not surprised that someone like that would be employed by them.

    ´´One would have to disprove Lynns work for that to be the case, i.e maybe he is not anti Irish, maybe he is right? Basically, he thinks the Irish are a bit thick. When you consider some of the attendees at various OO and SF parades, he might be on to something´´

    I could be just as childish and extrapolate from the behaviour of certain English football fans, NF supporters/voters etc that the English are thick. But I´d rather not sink to that level.

  • Miss Fitz

    I’ll be there alright!

  • slug

    I tend to think that people who style themselves “taig” are rather mired in a sectarian frame of reference themselves!

  • Simon

    Richard Lynn hasn’t taught at the University of Ulster since the early 80s, he only holds an honorary title of Professor Emeritus withthe University. So to say he on on its faculty is stretching it considerably. Some might say he uses that title to bolster his credibility but I possibly couldn’t comment on that.

  • Slug : Nice to know a slug thinks. I’m sure the birds and other slug eaters will be impressed.
    Simon : Interesting point you make. But I don’t really think it absolves UU. And the problem is much bigger than UU. Just look at the Coulter thread where The Bell Curve is mentioned. There is a large coterie of right wing academics who spew out such stuff. Lynn happens to be at the epicentre of one of the most odious, most well funded and most infamous.
    Foreign Correspondent : Your football hooligan/lager lout note hits on the core point of nature versus nurture. People like Lynn believe it is nature, that the mud people are dumb by nature and they use faulty statistics to back them up and university professors parrot them like so many intellectual storm troopers. If your stomach can stand it, there is a lot of nasty stuff out there and some of it, like The Turner Diaries, has been credited with inspiring the Oklahoma bombings. Ideas are strong things and the fact that UU has since made this guy a professor emeritus is important. Why give him that rank? Maybe they give it to all retired professors. Maybe not. Either way, they have allowed Lynn spread obnoxious tripe for decades.
    Universitiues are multi faceted entities and giving degrees out to upwardly mobile Taigs or anyone else is only a small part of it.

  • Rory

    Should not our concerns rather be that our dear Miss Fitz has every means and comfort at her disposal to turn out on the evening in her full majesty and show the dreary weary world of acadame what a Slugger dame is made of?

    Richard Lynn and his Bell Curve has about as much credibility as Brian O’Lynn and his timepiece so we should all do better than to waste our fingertips on that silly “cute hoor”.

    First things first. Congratulations Miss Fitz. We expect to see the photies.

  • Harry

    What about the Miss Fitz Hourglass Curve, where are its supporters?

  • pith


    Flann O’Brien wrote rubbish. A rich man’s Joyce and poorer for it.

  • pith

    Can a university remove the title of Professor Emeritus? Lynn is a pointless shit.

  • Rory

    Pith, thank you so much for that insightful analysis of Brian O’Nolain’s body of work as Flann O’Brien. Perhaps next week you might turn your attention to John Clare or Saul Bellow and give us poor mortals benefit of your thoughts thereon.

  • pith


    Thanks for your thanks but I wish to withdraw my remark. Having read Flann O’Brien (specifically), I decided that I didn’t like his work. However, it is clearly not rubbish and I’d be appalled if I read such a trite remark about an author I like. I’m blaming it on a very very long lunch. I was trying to play the ball and ended up playing the bollix. I admit to a lack of knowledge on John Clare and really don’t have time to produce something for you by next week. Check out Tom Paulin for an analysis from someone who actually knows what he is taking about. For Saul Bellow I have only admiration and no words. Do you mind if I don’t post anything on him either?

    I stand by my insightful analysis on Professor Lynn, however. Don’t try and change me on that one.

  • Pith and Rory: It is good we can all agree on waht a shit Lynn and his friends are. Where we very much didagree is I believe hteir ideas are still insidiously dangerous. Lynn is still widely quoted and these easily digestible ideas find resonance. Again, look at the Coulter thread. Or look at Mr Hitler, a Charlie Chaplin like figure with a stupid book who did a lot of harm. Ideas are the most dangeorus things of the lot. They are the real undead.

    So let Missfitz enjoy herself, soberly one hopes as her God shines on her and her family. Yet others should remember, just like harry Potter, there are deep, dark and sinister recesses betwwixt the hallowed and less than cloistered walls.

  • Rory


    What a gracious response to my little barbed sally. Makes me feel quite ashamed of myself.


    I have no disagreements as to how we might dispose of Professor Lynn. You may hang him from a sour apple tree for all I care.

  • pith


    Not at all. We all need a barb now and again to keep us in place.

    Taigs and Rory,

    Surely there is a glimmer of hope for the fair province here if we all of us – men and women, children, penguins and cats (apparently)can unite around opposition to the horrible Professor Lynn.

    Seriously, is the emeritus thing automatic or does a university retain rights over its usage?