Another kind of ‘Orange Parade’…

Sent in by reader Liam…

  • willis

    Bet they don’t mind getting stoned!

  • fair_deal

    Such triumphalism can’t be tolerated. Their only possible motivations must be sectarian domination. 😉

  • slug

    This is unacceptable. Only in a united Ireland will such triumphalism go away 🙂

  • circles

    ho ho, what jolly comparisons can be made – but will the order officially be giving their backing to this? And is the portuguese flag fluttering in the balmy breeze over casement park?
    I think we should be told!

  • Harry

    King billy was actually descended from the House of Nassau not the House of Orange. A bit of corporate PR down the years in northern ireland and holland have given us the Orange tradition.

  • Turbo Paul

    I have said this before but there has not been any response to my question.

    As the English bankroll Northern Ireland to the tune of £1.5 billion a year.

    Why oh why can’t the English people have a referendum on whether the English want the Unionists of Ireland to remain part of Britain???

    Northern Ireland remains a £1.5 Billion a year “Stone in the shoe” for the vast, vast majority of English people.

    It is the English that has had to spend billions over the years propping up a Vichy, Quisling like government without ever being able to decide democratically whether, (through a vote of the people,) the English want anything to do with Ireland.

    I say that if by November there is still no devolved assembly then the English should be allowed to vote , 2007, on whether the English want the Unionists to remain part of Britain.

    I understand how uncomfortable it may be for Unionists, being the unwelcome gatecrashers, at a party where nobody likes you, has anything culturally in common with you, and frankly never did.

    It has only ever been politicians who say Northern Ireland has a right to be within Britian, nobody has ever asked the people, via a direct vote on this issue.

    I realise that any deal will be very hard to achieve, as both sides carry so much history, however, why should Britain have to endure this without a vote of the English, British people deciding whether the English, British want Unionists to remain part of Britain/England.

    Upon another note, if a deal is reached by November, does that mean the Brits have no power in the future to disolve the assembley???

    Or does the Sword of Damocles still hang over the parties in the assembley, to be desolved at the whim or behest of the Brits, via Unionism?????

    If a deal is reached, surely then the Brits must renounce any authority in Northern Ireland, or does that leave us with Ian Paisley being able to force the Brits to desolve the Assembley because:

    “Gerry Adams has not brushed his hair, or Connor Murphy, (New Sinn Fein leader hopefully) has egg on his tie???”

    Please, please, someone tell me why the English are denied a vote on whether the Unionists remain part of Britain.

    The biggest dividend for the real people of Britain out of the peace process is, now there is relative peace, Northern Ireland can be “Dropped like a £1.5 billion a year hot potato”

    Finally, to quote an old Fleetwood Mac song.

    If you can’t sort it out by November,

    “You can go your own way”

  • TP

    go and cut and paste off.

  • P113

    Post match headline –

    ” Orange men get their marching orders!”

  • smcgiff

    “ Orange men get their marching orders!”

    Surely not all of them! Lets say, 5,000, eh?

  • Canadian

    Força Portugal!!!!

    We put a stop to one Orange parade 😉

    Onwards to England!!!