Going to the dogs- Beware!

I was on a Stag party at the weekend, which began at the fabulous Dundalk Greyhound Stadium. Needless to say, my wallet was considerably lighter after transactions with the on-site bookmakers. One friend, bemoaning his successive losses, begrudgingly claimed it was all a fix anyway. Looks like he could have been onto something

  • jim

    In the old days, dogs were fed spuds to slow them down during a race, now its the ‘other’.

    The whole horse racing/ dogs etc.. is all fixed .

    Its a multi million pound business for god sake, off course its rotten.

    And the poor punters are still lining the pockets of the fixers.

  • Crataegus


    Some salt and a lot of water also slows them down. You don’t need drugs or just keep the dog up all night! Take it out partying!

    Betting on races is a fool’s game.

  • A bowl of porridge will also do the trick, I’m told.

  • nutjack

    a boiled sheeps head slows the dogs down

    the price goes up for the next meeting

    another sheeps head at the next meeting and the dog runs slow

    the price goes up, nobody wants to bet on your dog

    when you are happy with the price, load on plenty of cash on your dog and leave out the sheeps head

    been doing it for 20 years, my grandad since the 50’s

    dog racing proves the old adage ‘there’s one born every minute’

  • Yokel

    Greyhound racing is considered well full of moves ad scams. But is it corruption or owners and trainers just working to pulol off a bit of a coup?

    Bar of choclate does the same job…Chris really bet yer money on something worth betting on..like Big Brother.

  • Rory

    I have only been to the dogs twice (though Herself thinks I’m heading for them shortly, at least that what She says), once at White City and once at Walthamstow. On both occassions I won quite considerable amounts. This was not because I know anything about greyhound racing or because I had any insider knowledge. I didn’t and I hadn’t.

    Rather I think that it as my very ignorance that allowed me to win as, knowing nothing, I simply picked two numbers and followed them with a reverse forecast bet in each race. Of course I was simply lucky and my system has nothing to recommend it but it does at least mean that, since the punter is betting blindly using poor random, whether the race is fixed or not has no difference on one’s chances.

    For a good day out at the races I favour always limiting the betting stakes to what you can comfortably afford to lose (whether it be £10 or £10,000)and then treat that as part of the cost of the day’s entertainment. If you blow it – no matter and any winnings come as a bonus on the day.

    I have gone with a group on a day out to Sandown on which very few of us had been lucky but we were still enjoying ourselves and when we pulled in at an inn for a meal and drinks on the way home we all still had our funds for that. All that is except for the one degenerate gambler among us who had to be subsidised by the rest of us and then listen to his hard luck, “if-only- but-for”, whingeing over the meal the rest of us were buying him. Spolied the bloody evening for the rest of us.

    And before the ‘phones start ringing – the term “degenerate ” refers to the type of gambling not to the moral character of the ganbler so described. Casinos rely on degenerate gamblers of whom they can be certain that however much they may win they will always bet till they lose it all back (and then some).

  • Yokel

    Jaysus Rory whats the fun of setting aside a small amount you can afford to lose, make it something you’d really rather not lose and get the adrenaline going……

    And while I’m at it, more people should smoke

  • Rory

    Yer a wild man, Yokel.

    The next thing you’ll be advocating sex after marriage. And then where would we all be?

  • Dread Cthulhu

    There’s an old adage — never bet on anything eats, drinks or talks.

    The dogs is as crooked as a corkscrew, with the ponies not far behind.

  • Lorenzo

    Dodgy goings on in greyhound racing? Who would have thought?

    In other news, bears have been found defecating in the woods. The prizes in dog racing are so small that there is far more incentive to rig a race for (even quite minor) betting purposes than to win it.

  • Loyalist

    They were going to build a greyhound stadium in Newtownards and as part of the deal Ards FC were going to get a much needed new stadium, however the DUPs protested it would be terribly bad for the otherwise intact morals of the ppl of the greater Ards area…..lol