Listening to the World Cup…

Just taking the dogs out. So I’ll likely be listening to the England match from the same hill I heard the Republic (effectively) crash out of the World Cup against Henry France. Despite Eilish O’Hanlon’s article on Celtic schardenfreude I’ve not picked up too much of it coming from Ireland this year. Indeed, given the quality and commitment of some of the English players (and the continual whinging from the English sports media) I get the sense a lot of people wish the players well, if not the ould enemy itself.

Adds: Check out this Flickr World Cup stream.

  • Prince Eoghan

    How come whenever I am enjoying myself I get the anti-English nonsense thrown at me. It is about opinions man. Not spin!!!!!

    The pain will pass;¬)

  • Mick Fealty

    Just looking for a bit of substance with your schardenfrude, that’s all. 😉

  • Prince Eoghan


    I have posted my opinions on the action several times. It just grates a wee bit when I who will tell as is right or wrong about teams(Engurland/Rangers) who I do watch, hoping they will get beat. Am classed as anti-English for giving a subjective opinion.

    The fact is that England have very little in the way of a saving grace. Man, they can’t even exploit the fact it was an Argie ref because he was excellent. Dull as dishwater, watching them was akin to being stuck with your most boring aquaintance at a do, and being far too polite to move on. Aye it was as bad as that. I repeat, it was poetic justice that a team slightly worse than them on the day, put them out. Oh how I cheered, and Aye the beer did taste better after that. Why lie;¬)

    Reminds me(oldie but goodie) of the time I was asked what team I supported. Celtic, Celtic reserves and any team that humps Rangers, was the reply;¬)

  • English

    Prince Eoghan,

    You come across as being bitterly against the English to me! The fact that you indicate the Argie ref was excellent sums it up, he was the catalyst for us leaving the competition. The refereeing has been poor in this tournament:

    e.g: Figo headbutt = yellow card
    Rooney push = red card. The alleged stamp (which was an accident) was not going to be punished, until the cheating Portugese started goading the ref.

    You cannot even admit that England were the better team with 10 men!

    Please do not mention Rangers and England in the same sentance, because they are light years apart (thank God!).

  • kensei

    “For those of us who prefer to p!ss on England’s grave rather than talk about football, I recommend watching the ‘highlights’ of the Swiss match a few times and then try to put yourselves in the shoes of the average England supporter.”

    I assume you are talking about Ireland’s god awful qualifying campaign? In fairness to us, I think it has since been shown that says more about the Swiss than us.

  • Patrique

    My Dear English, admit facts. TV replays show it was a very good tackle, not a penalty. Rooney according to Rooney, the Referee and everyone else, was sent off for stamping. The referee was very good, he didn’t ref the match when Figo butted someone, and when Deco was sent off for being assaulted by Cocu. And Deco is the Portuguese team. I don’t even think he was the ref when Peter Crouch “cheated” to score against Trinidad. Only for that England may not have got out of the Group.

    England were very poor and perhaps it is the fault of the manager. I know Beckham, Lampard and Gereard et al are vastly overrated, but they are not as bad as they looked. If he had picked Fowler, Johnston and Shearer, instead of the unused Carson, Jena and Walcott, they might have won the shoot out, as those three can hit penalties. Back in 1998 I was amazed when England brought Les Ferdinand, who was never going to be used, and left Le Tisier at home. Le Tisier has been the best English player for thirty years, but not too everyone’s liking. But he could have sat on the bench, and come on in the last seconds to hit a penalty.

    The problem with England is that all the pundits and managers talk about is running tirelessly. David Pleat says England played better against Portugal, and as an example “Rooney ran tirelessly”. Now if the football world cup was all about running, Ethiopia would win, with Kenya in the final. Sadly it is about football, and England were poor.

    And English, please do not think I am being anti-English. That is caused by an inferiority complex that a lot of Irish people have, post colonnial thing, but I feel superior to everyone.My own children are born in Manchester (true Blues) and my daughter still supports England. I always support taly, even when the beat the Republic of Ireland in 1990. Especially then, that will teach them to sing “there’s only one team in Ireland”. And I much prefer England to Prince Eoghans Glasgow Celtic (pronounced Keltic) a team many in Northern Ireland support. I suppose it must be that Ulster-Scots thing.

  • Prince Eoghan


    What a contrasting opinion. Very lucid and insightfull to absolute and total merde when talking about Celtic. Ach you don’t know what you are missing;¬)


    I have never hid my pleasure at seeing England’s misfortune, you are suffering from a temporary national myopia. It will pass. I must confess that England as an entity is not my favourite, but I struggle to dis-like the English(oh how I tryLOL) on an individual one to one basis. So in one sense you may be right about me being bitter, but it is not a prevalent taste. I like you don’t I;¬)

  • Patrique

    My detestation of Keltic stems from the fact that I am first and foremost a GAA man, and Keltic are therefore competition, for those who prefer Ulster-Scots to Irish. And I remember when Keltic had the best team in the World, now they are unable to compete in Britain.Mind you, that’s due to capitalism, not sport.

  • Donnacha

    I can’t really see what the fuss is all about. England have gone out and personally I feel sorry for the team. But they didn’t play well and blaming refs/the opposition/the alignment of the stars is just bullshit. Some of the team played very well indeed, such as Robinson, the two Coles, Hargreaves and Terry, but their forwards let them down badly. (And what Rio Ferdinand is doing wearing a national shirt, I’ll never know.)Whatever about creating the most chances against Portugal, there’s not much point in doing that if you can’t convert them, si there? I was amazed, frankly, by the ineptitude of the Portuguese when they were a man up. It looked like they were playing for a draw and that’s why I would have preferred to see England go through. They didn’t and I feel no great joy in that. They wouldn’t have made it past the semis even if they had spent the past two years practising penalty kicks. Give them a new coach and a few new, hungry players and they will make an impact on the Euros in 2008, but they are a far from great team.