Unionists should not be on the sidelines of the Britishness debate

I was struck by Fair Deal’s ‘annual’ rant on the nature of the discussion on Gordon Brown’s call for the filling out of a meaningful overarching ‘British’ identity – it’s an early response to the Hearts and Minds discussion. In particular, this paragraph stands out:

He went on about how Brown hadn’t done much thinking about what this all meant. This isn’t bad, this is bloody wonderful. A person who will almost certainly hold the highest office in our country wants something to happen and seen to happen but needs help with the detail. Let’s give him some help. He has put the ball on the pitch, Unionists should not be standing looking at it complaining its one of the cheap 99p ones you get at portrush instead of those nice shiny Nike ones. Unionists should be taking the ball and scoring a few goals with it or offering him one of the nice Nike ones to play with.