Peter Crouch hair puller?

Has anyone seen this shot on You Tube of the Peter Crouch goal against Trinidad and Tobago?


  • Brenda

    Is that a foul? Or will he get away with it cos the ref didn’t see it.

    But the Germans did,

    Maybe the germans will all get skin heads by the team barber Herr Kutt.

    LOL lol

  • Rory

    I bet you he was a right pest to any poor girl so unfortunate as to sit in front of him at school as well. Thank God fine, firm chinned, clean cut Irish footballers with the glint of chivalry gleaming in their eye would never shame our noble land with such knavery. Roy Keane, Johnny Giles, Derek Dougan never had touch contact with another human body in all their days of football.

    For true sons of the Gael like these, it was the ball or nothing at all.

    (That’s a lovely sentance above, don’t you think?. I might get it put to music and Ronan Keating could have another hit.)

  • German TV apparently ran this segement very regularly after the match and made references to them cheating like they did in 66. It makes me feel good to know another country talks about 66 and not just England.

    RTE did some analysis of it as well, and as Brady and Cunningham pointed out, how often had that defender pulled at Crouch during the game? Brady said it was no different to pulling his hair or his shorts. The folically challenged football god then said “He couldn’t have done it to me Bill!”. Brilliant.

  • Donnacha

    The big sissy. If he’d done that in a schoolyard game he’d have been laughed off the park….Love Brady’s comment, though.

  • smcgiff

    The funny thing is that he’s at least a foot taller naturally anyway, and shouldn’t have had to resort to hair pulling.

    It’s not like he’s as small as someone like, oh say, Diego Maradona, who might have to use their hand to punch home a ball. Swings and roundabouts I suppose.

  • GrassyNoel

    Can’t play u-tube clips on my work computer unfortunately, but it was a clear foul anyway, hair-pulling or no hair-pulling. You can’t put your elbows on the defender’s shoulders when you’re jumping up to meet a cross. It’s a fairly straightforward rule. Even from behind you could see Crouch was determined his marker wasn’t going to get a chance to jump properly with him.

    By the way I’m not Brit-bashing here. Gerrard’s goal was excellent. But I will never understand how Peter Crouch is considered good enough to play for England. He’s absolute rubbish and Dunphy is right. If England don’t sort themselves out sharpish, they’re going to get a right trouncing off some half-decent team. I wouldn’t fancy them against either Germany or Ecuador at this stage.

  • Regardless of what you think of Crouch, he’s the best goal scorer England have at the moment. 9 internationals, 9 wins (I think) and 6 goals. How many international strikers can claim figures like that?

  • GrassyNoel

    Yeah but I think a lot of those have been in friendlies haven’t they? And from what I’ve read, Jamaica were so bad he should have had 2 hat-tricks against them..

  • headmelter

    This was his first competitive international goal.The others coming in friendlies against Uruguay and Hungary who were both poor and a hat trick against an abysmal reggae boys team.

    So IMHO if this is the best striker engurland have got they are pretty well banjo’d in the knock out stages.

    Oh dear.

  • He is a game changer though, look what he did when he came on against Argentina. He is currently more likely to score a goal for “them across the water” (Mikey Kelly is here behind me) than Owen or Rooney.

    IMO the biggest mistake Ericsson made was not bringing Darren Bent. He is as big a threat in the air as Crouch, has two good feet, is very quick, and will go around bashing into defenders all day if you need him to. Defoe doesn’t offer as much I feel.

    I think Crouch’s best asset is his ability to set up chances for midfield players (how many assists for Steven Gerrard this year!) again which Owen doesn’t do.

    As for their chances in the World Cup. I think their defence will let them down. From what I’ve seen Ashley Cole isn’t back to his best (hasn’t played well for 2 years now), Rio is there to be taken, and pace will still beat Terry (when he doesn’t have Carvalho to cripple the striker first). They need Gary Neville to regain fitness, but if Ericsson is going to play Beckham at right full then I definitely think they’re screwed.

  • Billy Pilgrim

    I loved John Giles’ take on this. Something to the effect of, “you can’t expect to get away with hair like that at the World Cup”. Priceless!

  • Garibaldy

    England have lacked penetration up front. Why Eriksson hasn’t put Walcott on yet is beyond me. His pace is Henry-like (although Henry says he hasn’t raced him yet so doesn’t know who is faster). Lennon has provided pace with the ball at his feet, and helped turn the T and T game around. I’m sure Walcott could do the same.

  • Despair squid

    The lack of penetration up front comes more from the lack of creativity in midfield rather than playing slouches like Owen and Rooney. I believe Mark Lewis-Francis and Dwain Chambers have a bit of pace about them, but they didn’t make the England squad. I wonder why 😉

  • Garibaldy

    Because, unlike Walcott, they can’t dribble. And isn’t one of them banned anyway?

  • Bog warrior

    Billy P

    RTEs coverage of the England games has been brilliant. Its great telly, Giles, Dunphy & Brady sticking the boot in constantly with Bill sitting back stirring the pot. Even Souness, who looked bemused at first at the amount of scorn being poured on the English efforts has now gamely jumped on the bandwagon. They really have no chance but to me its all down to Sven who is completely clueless. He hasn’t come up with a system to accomodate some talented individuals but who aren’t playing with any kind of cohesiveness. I agree with despair squid midfield is the main problem. The first decent team they meet will beat them easily. The tabloid backlash should be spectacular!

  • duffy

    Crouch is definitely challenging for a place in a sissy all-star 11. Already includes Totti (spitting at an opponent and then saying it wasn’t the real Totti that did it)and Robben (most disgraceful playacting since that referee hit the deck after that clown Di Canio tapped him).

  • Garibaldy

    England’s midfield is rubbish. A large part of this is due to the fact that Lampard and Gerrard are grossly overrated. On the international stage, Gerrard had one good half in the champions’ league final, and perhaps in the 5-1 v Germany. That’s about it. Lampard can’t even muster that.

    The reality is that it’s Beckham who has been the most effective of England’s midfielders in terms of product. The goal in the first match was down to him, and he provided the pass for Crouch’s girly header.

    Eriksson should drop one of them and put in Carrick, and the midfield would be better balanced at minimal cost in effectiveness.

  • De Rossi is as bad as Totti:

    “I didn’t want to hurt the player (McBride) and I spoke to him immediately after. I certainly didn’t do it on purpose, that is the way I always jump to head the ball. I hope the ban will not be too harsh but I don’t know.”

    He deserves to be made an example of and given a very harsh ban. The stance may make Essien think before he tries to assault someone on the pitch again.

  • Garibaldy

    De Rossi should be sent home by the Italians

  • duffy

    “De Rossi is as bad as Totti”

    Totti was a sissy. De Rossi is a thug. What they both have in common is a lack of contrition.

  • Rory

    There’s no point in me complaining about (or glorying in) England’s lack-lustre showing to date. I, an unreconstructed Gooner, have placed my heart with France, a team that on paper look like a supporter’s dream. More like a dreary bloody nightmare so far!

  • Should have been sent off … then banned … then sent to Trinidad where 15 hefty lads should kick seven shades of shit out of him. Then he would have to apologise while crawling naked over broken glass.
    Soccer is a girls sport anyway, all that hair pulling and nipple tweaking.

  • duffy

    Fear not. It will be very difficult for France to fail to make it past the group stage. And that, of course, would be progress.

  • Spite


    Is “nipple-tweaking” a recognised characteristic of girls’ sports or are your dreams unhealthy?

  • Billy Pilgrim

    Bog Warrior

    Agreed. RTE’s coverage has been fantastic. Dunphy and Giles are magnificent old curmudgeons who have seen it all and aren’t about to be contributing to any hype. The young whippersnapper Brady is shaping up well.

    It’s very entertaining – it’s a thrill to see pundits who are willing to actually be critical, and to try to say something interesting, rather than retreating to single-transferable-cliches. These guys (Giles particularly) are not only experts in the game, they are interesting and articulate people who have opinions of their own about the game.

    As a layman, I find their contributions genuinely enlightening – and I can’t really say that of anyone on BBC or ITV. Maybe Hansen at a stretch. (And don’t get me started on Sky.)

    I think editorial guidelines have a lot to do with it. An RTE pundit can go to town on a player, safe in the knowledge that said player probably won’t see it. A BBC pundit doing likewise might cause problems for other BBC staff.

    Also, I think workplace culture has a lot to do with it. Put Dunphy on BBC and he’ll probably soon be coming out with the same old “You can never write off the Germans” inanities as the rest. (Okay, maybe not Dunphy…) By the same token, Sounness said exactly that about Germany on his first day at RTE – within a few days he was getting stuck in with the rest, and seemingly enjoying the freedom.

    Interesting point raised further up – if the referee had spotted Crouch’s hair-pulling tactics, would it have merited a red card? Does hair-pulling amount to violent conduct? Arguably it does.

    Maybe it was the hand of God that pulled the guy’s hair…

  • Garibaldy


    Surely Martin O’Neill is a great – if not the greatest – pundit? Gordon Strachan can be excellent too

  • Radishchev


    Agree absolutely on O’Neill and Strachan as pundits – killer comment from the former to Desailly the other day. However, I don’t agree the English midfield is rubbish – it’s just not firing at the moment. Worth remembering that both Gerrard and Lampard have had phenomenal seasons for their clubs. On the international stage, also note that Lampard was joint top scorer for England at the 2004 Euro Championships, with Rooney, who everyone raved about. The only plus at the moment is that supposedly more talented groups, especially the French, appear to be suffering similar problems.

    Solutions? (and they won’t be popular)

    1. Drop Beckham – yes, he’s arguably been the most effective of the midfield quartet (bar Cole, perhaps, in the opener vs. Paraguay), but that’s not saying much.
    2. Bring in Carrick and play Gerrard on the right of a narrow four.
    3. Don’t play Crouch – again, better as an alternative from the subs bench and will hopefully arrest the disturbing tendency toward long-ball dross. Plus Owen and Rooney need games.

    Walcott looks to be the new Darius Vassell in Sven’s mind – i.e. break open only in the event of an emergency. Lennon has played very well, but unsurprisingly as an impact sub up until now.

  • Garibaldy


    Beckham does it, and has done it, consistently. The rest don’t. Beckham has also had a good season for Madrid. In the 92nd minute, if I were English, I’d rather have him on the pitch. The other ones are good in England, but big deal. This is a totally different type and quality of game.

    England’s problem has been to a large extent they’re too narrow. Gerrard on the right only exacerbates that problem. Agree on Crouch. Looks like you’re right on Walcott too, but it’s just about conceivable he wants him as a surprise later. When was the last time you heard him talked about?

  • Billy Pilgrim


    I agree O’Neill and Strachan are the best on BBC. (Hansen is as bloated with his reputation as Ronaldo.) Many of the others are plain rubbish though. Any potential that McCoist and Townsend have is blighted by ITV’s fetish for US-style soft-focus hype. They offer zero insight. The layman would learn nothing from ITV’s “experts” – which is quite an indictment really.

    Does anyone else think that Leonardo looks uncannily like Eric Bana in “Munich”? Not sure what it all means, but Jesus…

    But have you been watching RTE? After watching Giles, Dunphy and Brady, even the best of the BBC crowd look like platitude-mouthing fence-sitters.

    There’s also a decided tendency towards smugness at the Beeb, though maybe that’s just Lineker. He’s actually a good presenter, and yet he’s the wrong presenter. He’s an ex-pro. Therefore the panel consists of a bunch of ex-pros chatting together. Lynam’s great strength was that he represented US, the great unwashed who never played professionally. O’Herlihy is brilliant at that – it’s not easy to play the straight man, to ask questions like: “So John, Ronaldinho – he’s some player, isn’t he?” – but it’s a great skill. It allows the expert to explain exactly why Ronaldinho is so good.

  • Radishchev

    I’m not a huge fan of Beckham, but credit where it’s due – what he does, he does very well. My argument would be, it doesn’t amount to an awful lot, even in a very good side. Case in point – when was the last free-kick Beckham scored for England? (vs. Paraguay was an og, remember). What was the last thing Beckham’s won? Yes, the pass for Crouch to score was excellent and there were a couple of others in the Paraguay game – no question that he has that ability. However, Gerrard’s long-range passing is approaching that level, he scores more goals and he can actually tackle. For all you lose in width, and I don’t think it’s a lot given Beckham’s tendency to wander, you make up in other areas. If you wanted genuine width, you would start Lennon and Downing.

    92nd minute, I agree with you, but that’s what super-subs are for! As for different type and quality of game, so far Gerrard has scored and, as I mentioned, Lampard’s recent scoring record is much better than Beckham’s.

  • Radishchev


    Just on Townsend, did you see/hear about the exchange between him and Gullit on the Basques vs. the Spanish team?

  • Garibaldy


    Alas haven’t seen any of the fabled RTE coverage. The comments on the world cup blog on the Guardian have been talking about it. I like Dunphy a lot. And would love to see them take England and their pretensions apart.

  • Garibaldy


    I see your point, but I am totally convinced that both Gerrard and Lampard are extremely overrated.
    If they were so great, there wouldn’t be a debate about whether they can play together. Really quality players can adapt to different systms and requirements. If you’re too stupid to know when to stay back or go forward, then you’ll never be half the player David Platt, never mind a real midflielder like Roy Keane, was.

  • Radishchev


    Fair enough on the hype thing – the same could be said about a lot of players/teams and not just in this tournament. Brazil, for example, have been piss-poor so far and with a “world-class” midfield. In both cases, the absence of an anchoring player beside them, as they both have at club level, is always going to detract from their game somewhat.

    On Keane, though, Gerrard is at least as good a player now as Keane was at his height and I say that as someone from a United background. Just to be clear though, both very good players and capable of lifting otherwise fairly ordinary teams (towards the end of Keane’s career, anyway).

  • Garibaldy


    I know lots of people think Gerrard is that good. I don’t. Brazil have been disappointing, but showed glimpses of what they’re capable of yesterday I thought, especially after Robinho came on.

  • Radishchev


    On Robinho, quite right – hopefully he gets a chance to start next game. And now, fingers crossed for another good showing from the Spanish (for entertainment’s sake).

  • Spite
    “Is “nipple-tweaking” a recognised characteristic of girls’ sports or are your dreams unhealthy?”

    a recognised characteristic of girlymen’s sports.