Tour of the North passes off with minimal trouble

Getting bits from Fair Deal watching the Tour of the North parade on the Crumlin Road. I must stress this is only from one particular vantage point and should not be read as a definitive account. Apparently there was one slight injury when a pensioner Orangeman was hit in the head with 2p coin fired from a catapult. He was carried away. Also a firework was thrown by protesters (who’d escaped the atentions of the marshalls) trying to hit the parade from the back of some houses at the top of the Crumlin but it seems to have burst harmlessly in the air. There were some bottles and stones thrown but nothing that did any serious damage to those hit. Nothing else serious. Marshalls seemed to have kept any attempt at serious confrontation at bay. The parade is now through. His own (subjective) verdict is that although clearly not trouble free it was considerably quieter than last year.

If you were there, let us have your account. Or even better, a link to your photos online!