Tour of the North passes off with minimal trouble

Getting bits from Fair Deal watching the Tour of the North parade on the Crumlin Road. I must stress this is only from one particular vantage point and should not be read as a definitive account. Apparently there was one slight injury when a pensioner Orangeman was hit in the head with 2p coin fired from a catapult. He was carried away. Also a firework was thrown by protesters (who’d escaped the atentions of the marshalls) trying to hit the parade from the back of some houses at the top of the Crumlin but it seems to have burst harmlessly in the air. There were some bottles and stones thrown but nothing that did any serious damage to those hit. Nothing else serious. Marshalls seemed to have kept any attempt at serious confrontation at bay. The parade is now through. His own (subjective) verdict is that although clearly not trouble free it was considerably quieter than last year.

If you were there, let us have your account. Or even better, a link to your photos online!

  • Rory

    Well that seems to have gone off much more well behaved than a quiet weekend in leafy, cathedral town (the home of the twee and the Range Rover). The only thing that puzzles me is this account of an assault on “a pensioner Orange”.

    In St Albans (the repository of christendom in England)the tradition is to squeeze them for juice extraction which can then be frozen. The pith and flesh and outer skin may then be discarded. No need to pay them a pension. God! have you any idea what these Outer Mongolian au pair boys cost these days? Bloody frozen Yak Yoghurts from Waitrose alone………

  • Mick Fealty


  • friendlyCreggan

    Great news (bar what sounds like fairly minor incidents)

    It just proves that compromises and agreements CAN and WILL be reached

    Well done to all involved

  • friendlyCreggan

    This is the first weblink I’ve seen to the story

  • good to see the parade in n belfast passed off without major inccident. no doubt some politian will take advantage. the word to the wise is get your arse down to portrush tomorrow night and see how both sides CAN get on

  • bamsham

    looks like the wee feers from ardoyne have yet again lowered the nationalist cause. proud to be a nationalist affronted to be one of ‘youse’

  • m

    Send us your photos?

    Bloody ambulance chaser.

  • when a pensioner Orangeman was hit in the head with 2p coin fired from a catapult. Although these Orange idiots should not be marching. whacking some old pensioner is not a source of fun.

  • Mick Fealty

    “Bloody ambulance chaser”.

    Quite the opposite.

  • Dec

    Photo here

  • woofus mcdoggus

    BBC Northern Ireland did a programme on the tour of the North a few years ago in which a retired police officer / orangeman came out with perhaps one of the greatest quotes on marching I’ve ever heard.

    BBC interviewer: Why cant you march through areas where you are welcome?.

    Orangeman: Because theres no catholics there.


    One man with the balls to tell the truth.

  • Pat Mc Larnon


    those (five people) who fired a few objects and launched the firework had gained access to a house in Balholm Drive that runs parallel to the back of Ardoyne shops. Apparently having been drinking in the house the best part of the day they then launched their fight for Irish freedom as the lodge and band passed. Content with their nights work they vacated the scene blue bags in hand, no doubt to discuss further revolutionary actions.

    In the circumstances there was nothing the marshalls could do, although they moved into the house as soon as it had been identified.

  • George

    Who is in the yellow jersey after this stage and when are they heading into the mountains?

  • Prince Eoghan

    No bikes included in this tour, just eedjits. But I think big Davie might have been wearing the yellow jersey beneath the orange thing.

  • Christopher Stalford

    I took part in the parade as a guset of Ulster Volunteers LOL 1216. It was a great night and I witnessed no trouble at all. People enjoyed themselves and the small protest that I seen was small and dignified. Congratulations to everyone who made this happen.

  • Christopher Stalford

    guest not guset. LOL!

  • wes

    Did Nigel Dodds invite you, christopher

    What band led the lodge this year ?

  • mark mcgregor


    Glad to hear you enjoyed the parade.

    Talking in advance seems to benefit all, where it happens.

    Hopefully a few begrudgers won’t have taken the shine off this honourable compromise.

  • Ziznivy

    “In the circumstances there was nothing the marshalls could do, although they moved into the house as soon as it had been identified.”

    They moved into a house which wasn’t their own? And there was me thinking that republicans were leaving the job of policing to the police these days!

  • Ziznivy

    Shite. Just seen the date on the thread. Oh well, so we’ll not be hearing about the marshalls “visits” any more I’m guessing.