Happy Birthday, where’s me gong?

The Queen’s birthday list is available, if you want to trawl through and see who was honoured for what. I have no idea why this interests me, but I look at the list every year with great anticipation. I suspect it has a kind of Eurovision appeal for me, not very relevant to my life, but a bit of a spectacle all the same.

No-one really jumps out, but I see the quest for better distribution continues with a home help from Homefirst Trust, Mrs Catherine Harte, rewarded for ‘services to the community in Northern Ireland.’ Other than that, it’s a case of the usual suspects.

There is a section on the site that tells you how to go about nominating someone for an honour, but helpfully adds “Self-nominations are rare, and will not succeed without independent validation.” Hmmmm that’s me out of the running then