Beach party fun

Portrush will host a massive beach party on Saturday night – featuring such popular beat combos as Fatboy Slim and Timo Mass. Great.

Except.. when the Fatboy did a similar thing in Brighton in 2002, it was a disaster – news story here, personal testimony here. It was so bad that the police in Brighton have refused to let it happen again this year. Are they right or wrong? Who knows..

There’s no reason to assume that tomorrow’s night event will be anything other than a huge success, but it will be very interesting to see if the organisers have learned the lessons.

(Thanks to XRRF)

  • “when the Fatboy did a similar thing in Brighton in 2002, it was a disaster”

    And I’ll wager that THIS is what started it all.

    Be afraid, be very, very afraid.

  • Rory

    Thanks for that tip-off, Aaron. I will now feel it safe to go to Brighton this weekend. You are sure he will be detained in Portrush and there’s no chance that he might sneak back.

    I love Brighton. It is such an eclectic mixture of the shady, the seedy, the twee and the downright posh – and of course a good sprinkling of fundamentalist preachers for free seafront entertainment value and startling yet entertaining literature handouts. If you ever feel need to discern the mind of God on matters that you would never have given much thought too yourself in the first place, go to Brighton, though I hear Portrush is pretty well up to date in regards to this attraction also.

    Brighton has long been known as the gay capital of Britain and I can confirm that it is indeed a most jolly place and is capable of absorbing and celebrating all the most exotic forms of human expression, including Chris Eubank (whom I have a soft spot for actually. And no “Yah, yer paunch” retorts from the back, please). But Fatboy Slim is a bridge too far. Any chance of keeping him in Portrush? It is a place I have never been tempted to visit so that should make it safe for me,although when Blair gets round to it, I suppose, it would be ideal as Britain’s Guatanamo.

    An offshore former colony where a little piece of land is still held under force. So I suppose I might wind up there yet. I could withstand the fundamentalist brainwashing technique (I’m married to a Plymouth Brethren woman – I can take it!) but I don’t know but that I would not but break under Mr Slim.

    p.s. Will you be “offering hospitality” to the scary one as well? Ah, go on now, sure he might get lonely without the tender ministrations of her lips. Her fragrant presence will be missed in Brighton but then again any small sacrifice to help cheer up poor little provincial seaside towns can only but be a good thing.

  • Carson’s Cat

    The Brighton event was free – they had no clue how many would turn up and certainly didnt expect 1/4 million to show on the beach. It certainly wasn’t his fault for organising the event and reicieved a letter from the girls parents saying that and also thanking him for making her last night so enjoyable.

    This event puts NI alongside Flamengo Beach in Rio, Bondi Beach and….. in a fortnight’s time, Loch Ness.

    I’ll be there tomorrow – just hope the weather holds.

  • Rory
    I live here, and appreciate your diagnosis on my city. Yes 1/4 mill weren’t expected, every off- license was cleaned out of booze, and it took weeks for the stink of piss to disappear.
    So in every sense a success 😉

  • Aaron_Scullion


    I agree, there’s no direct comparison. I made that clear in my post. But there are still lessons to be learned. And as the links make clear, even leaving the death out of it, the event in Brighton was still a disaster.

    Here’s hoping it’s a great event.

  • Carson’s Cat

    Fair enough Aaron.

    Anyway – NI was getting 1/4 million into a city for a ‘big event’ years ago. Not sure how Fatboy Slim would have looked in front of the City Hall in ’85 though!

  • greg

    Chav heaven


    it took weeks for the stink of piss to disappear.

    Of course in Portrush the stink of piss never disappears, it just gets masked by the stink of despair so no comparison,as noted earlier.

    BTW, Cristopher Walken started his career as a dancer.

    Who knew?

  • Pete Baker


    “Who knew?”

    Well known.

    Walken for President!

  • Rory

    I was being a bit curmudgeonly. I do hope that Portrush enjoys a weekend of trouble free hedonism. Iam sure the people could be doing with it and if fatboy Slim can be the catalyst for that then he will be doing a good job.

    (I’m still buggering off to Brighton though).

    p.s. George III on his deathbed in another (till then) favourite English seaside watering hole -and not having gone there for the purpose of dying – is reputed finally to have uttered in pique, “Oh, bugger Bognor!”

  • piebald

    where’s Glen Taisie when you need him ?

    for gawd’s sake Adams Knew !

  • des


    Portrush (s-hole) 06

  • Carson’s Cat

    Portrush may not be the most beautiful town in the world – but its managed to attract in an event which plenty of other towns/cities would be more than happy to get.

    Some of the development is starting to occur which should eventually turn its fortunes around. Mind you, having about 20,000 people spending hard earned cash doesnt do any harm at all. There wasnt a room to be had in the town and plenty of cash registers ringing inside and outside the event. Also, I seen one person being removed from the site and the nearest thing to a ‘security concern’ would have been a few plastic bottles getting tossed about.

    Hopefully it can become an annual event – Fatboy Slim was outstanding and really had the crowd going. With Alan Simpson in his NI top all evening it was a nice touch to see FBS slipping into a retro N.I shirt near the end of the set – everyone around me (about 20ft from front) seemed to enjoy it anyway.

  • speed

    What a night

    A pity we couldn’t have had a flute band to finish off a great evenings entertainment.

    Check it out now.. !!!