Second secret UUP bank account discovered

The BBC report that the Electoral Commission has asked the police to “examine the discovery of two undisclosed bank accounts linked to the Ulster Unionist Party” – the report interestingly stops short of calling it an investigation – after a second undisclosed bank account was unearthed during the inquiries into an earlier undisclosed account from which £50,000 was secretly funnelled into the party coffers.The report quotes a commission spokesman:

A commission spokesman said: “It was brought to our attention by a previous treasurer of the Ulster Unionist Party that a bank account had not been disclosed to the party’s appointed auditors.

“The commission began discussions with the party about this matter and asked for more information and evidence about the party’s assets, including those of accounting units.

“As a result, a second bank account has also been brought to our attention.

“The commission has decided to refer this matter to the Police Service of Northern Ireland and has asked it to investigate whether an offence has been committed.”