Fingers crossed

The Tour of the North parade starts at 7.15pm this evening. The media focus has been on a stretch of the Crumlin Road as North and West Belfast Parades Forum and Ardoyne Parades Dialogue Group have a second go at getting it right. Everyone I have talked to seems reasonably confident it can work. However, given the patchwork quilt of communities in North Belfast, problems could develop elsewhere along the route. An eyewitness update will be provided on the Crumlin Road parade later tonight. Update based on my text messages here. Worth noting Sluggerotoole beat the BBC and UTV websites to the story.
Unfortunately, somone or someones are not on message with a phoney bomb threat telephoned to Wheatfield Primary School in Glenbryn earlier today.

  • willis

    let’s hope for a nice steady downpour.

  • Bemused

    Locusts, fish, frogs and hailstones would be nice.

  • m

    I hope it goes as agreed. Look forward to your update, maybe one won’t be needed?

  • wild turkey

    i hope it goes as agreed… a definte improvement on previous performances(?)

    but the helicopter noise in glandore/little america is something out of the dolby soundtrack for APOCOPLYPSE NOW. i have no axes to grind but where i live it seems the british army turns the rotor blades up to the max sound effects. perhaps the directors cut?

    and now i will try to get a 5 and 6 year old to sleep. fat chance in fat city.

    but by listening to this airborne shit we are privledged to making our contribution to a better society for all.

    when is the flyby in malone rd/stranmillis/rosetta?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Actually, it’s more likely to be flybe, as these areas are under the City Airport flight path…