Agreement on North Belfast parade

A deal has been reached on part of Tour of the North parade along the Crumlin Road on Friday evening (16th June) and as a result the Parades Commission have decided not to issue a determination. No detail of the agreement has yet been released.Last year an understanding over the parade broke down when a section of the nationalist protestors attacked the parade and police which led to a cessation in cross-community talks. This violence was repeated on the evening of 12th July 2005. However, the Apprentice Boys parade on the Crumlin Road at Easter passed off with no trouble. There are another six potential parades along this route in the coming months.

Tommy Cheevers, spokesperson of the North and West Belfast Parades and Cultural Forum, said:

“We’ve taken risks, the people of Ardoyne have taken risks”, the aim was to “create a shared space in that area” through dialogue “instead of bickering over contested territory”.

Echoing a call by Ardoyne Parades Dialogue Group spokesperson, Joe Marley, Cheevers called for:

“Anyone intending to cause any problems whatsoever should stay well away. They are not welcome,”

Talks about the other Crumlin Road and Whiterock parades are ongoing.