Northern Ireland gets a groupp of its own…

Following the Belfast Telegraph’s World Cup county for country story, one of our occasional readers, wondered why we hadn’t spotted the following nuance:From ‘Steve’

I didn’t see a recommendation for your audience to watch Group C (presumably for Confrontation).

In it we have:

Ivory Coast: Their Gold White and Green tricolour is just like the Irish but backward – a bit like the SDLP.

Serbia & Montenegro: These guys have decided the only way forward is through partition – as all good unionists know. The team for all good UUP men then.

Holland: Land of the orangemen and home to good old King Billy – surely a team made for the DUP

Argentina: Still fighting to re-unite their country and get the Imperialist Brits off their land – Sinn Fein’s team for sure.

So there we have it – a group for all the political persuasions in Northern Ireland. Two on each with the DUP & SF likely to steam ahead and the SDLP and UUP left behind!


  • Pete Baker

    With Alliance cheering for the referee? 😉

  • Gum

    Very funny! And pretty accurate!

  • Cahal

    “Their Gold White and Green tricolour is just like the Irish but backward”

    What? Did we get a new flag with gold in it?

  • Harry

    It’s the Celtic Tiger you see, we can afford it now.

  • Mick Fealty

    It must be revisionism gone mad!

  • Rory

    Very sweet. Just delightfully witty. I am sorry, Cahal, that you are not able to see it for the lovely fun that it was. I recommend smoking cannabis, drinking good wine while listening to recordings of that lovely Englishwoman, the late and lovely (I know I said that twice, but she was just so lovely), Linda Smith. Nit-picking is not good for for the picked nor the picker and pedantry is the curse of all sites like this.

  • Cahal

    Rory, your post actually gave me a good laugh. The work day is over, I may take your advice (within the law of course).

  • England should get a group of their own. See they are at it already, in Frankfurt.

  • Rory

    I saw a headline the other day that read “Wayne may yet save England”. But I’m not so sure. I have doubts about his fitness levels. I saw him on telly only the other week in “True Grit” and it looked to me like he was having trouble getting on and off his horse and I’m sure that scene at the end where he rides full-pelt, all guns blazing, into the outlaws with the reins between his teeth was done by a stuntman double.

    They’d be better off with Arnold Swarzenegger or Steven Segal in my opinion.