Northern Ireland gets a groupp of its own…

Following the Belfast Telegraph’s World Cup county for country story, one of our occasional readers, wondered why we hadn’t spotted the following nuance:From ‘Steve’

I didn’t see a recommendation for your audience to watch Group C (presumably for Confrontation).

In it we have:

Ivory Coast: Their Gold White and Green tricolour is just like the Irish but backward – a bit like the SDLP.

Serbia & Montenegro: These guys have decided the only way forward is through partition – as all good unionists know. The team for all good UUP men then.

Holland: Land of the orangemen and home to good old King Billy – surely a team made for the DUP

Argentina: Still fighting to re-unite their country and get the Imperialist Brits off their land – Sinn Fein’s team for sure.

So there we have it – a group for all the political persuasions in Northern Ireland. Two on each with the DUP & SF likely to steam ahead and the SDLP and UUP left behind!

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