World Cup Betting Blog…

This is promising. The ATN’s Punter’s Guide (aka Gerard Mulhern) has set up his own blog for the World Cup. Now where’s that Betfair account of mine…


  • Keith M

    I’ve spent time looking around at what I think are the best prices for what I think will be the group winners:

    Poland : 4/1
    England : 8/11
    Netherlands : 8/5
    Mexico : 6/4
    Czech Rep. : 6/5
    Brazil : 3/10
    France : 4/9
    Ukraine : 9/4

    I have obviously gone for non favourites in several groups.

    My beet of week however is Australia to qualify at 2/1.

  • The Devil

    Take Serbia and Montenegro at any price you can get… absolute penalty kick for the world cup.. the perverbial FREE ONE…..


  • shylock

    Here’s a good guide as to where the money has been going and the latest prices; the 17.0 Spain seems to be going as we speak;

  • Tochais Siorai is a great site, combine with the likes of Aertel for a wider range of prices for local events.