Let your county adopt a country…

Time to lighten up guys. None of us are happy not to be there in Germany, but then as the Belfast Telegraph has already spotted, there are 32 countries in the race. If you can’t decide who you’re for let the Tele take the strain as they match your county with a World Cup country. I predict a riot in Dublin when they find out they are supporting England. But then again where better than the centre of the original English Pale (not to mention all that Georgian architecture)?

  • Henry94

    It is preposterous to match Cork with Germany and Kerry with Brazil.

    That should be reversed. Not only do Cork have more all-Irelands but they have legends of hurling known for breathtaking skill flair and imagination.

    Who could be compared to Pele except Christy Ring?

  • I see Mexico will be supported by the Galwegians …shurely Mexicos and Louth should be twinned (El Paso and all that).

    The Saudi Arabian sharia seems more akin with the fundamentalist of Antrim.

    Dubs should be akin to the second placed (in titles) Italians or Germans.

  • Rory

    I am perfectly happy not to be in Germany, thank you, Mick and I find it hard to commiserate with those who feel bereft by virtue of not being there or having a team to support in the tournament.

    I shall be cheering for France (or Arsenal as we call it here) and may pop over to Paris to enjoy seeing France triumph in the final against Italy.

  • SlugFest

    Wexford with the yanks … an apt fit, as i’ve got cousins in Wexford!

  • Miss Fitz

    Well, I see we Laois ones are supporting Tunisia. Thats fine, just need to find out where it is.

    I was in London at the weekend, and the Irish hoardes over there appear to be supporting the Ivory Coast as they have a Tricolour of Green, White and Orange apparently.

  • Miss Fitz,

    get a lot of the following, excellent http://www.nutmegclothing.com/ivory_coast.html

  • Well, I see we Laois ones are supporting Tunisia. Thats fine, just need to find out where it is.

    Where what is- Laois or Tunisia? 😉

  • Jim

    Co Down as a Republic – how beautiful.

    Now the Mournes can sit ever more peacefully on the shore

  • Mick Fealty

    rory, dream on…

  • Greenflag

    Should England win I’ll raise a cheer
    When Aussies win I’ll raise a beer
    When Germanny wins I’ll raise a smile
    And from Paddy Power collect a pile 🙂

    With Rooney on board now I may have to hedge my bet with a few euros on the Sassenachs.

  • bertie

    Overshadowed by their neighbours but have made their mark on the big stage in recent years.”

    Not sure what to make of this?


    I had thought beforehand that I’d support my adopted country les Blues, but now that the tournament has arrived I feel drawn towards Engerland.Which is just as well really, since a few of my French mates will also be supporting them.

    Lots of Man U fans over here (they’re French, what can you do?).

  • Keith M

    “I predict a riot in Dublin when they find out they are supporting England.”

    And I predict many more Dubliners will be cheering for England than any other country.

  • Donnacha

    Henry 94

    Who could be compared to Pele except Christy Ring?

    So what does that make Nicky Rackard then? George Best? Flawed genius who liked a pint….hmmm, I could be on to something here. A bit disappointed though that Wexford has been twinned with USA. Fitting,in that they’ll flatter to deceive in the early stages before bowing out in the quarters. Still disappointing though.

  • The Devil

    Miss Fitz,

    Laois is North of Tipperary, Carlow and Kilkenny South-east of Offaly and South-west of Kildare, if in doubt you can get an Ireland map in any decent garage or Motor shop

  • Wat the Tyler

    I seen my county is supporting Italy…nice…wonder where harpo is?

  • Miss Fitz

    Thanks for that Devil, but I kind of picked up on the location of Laois when I lived there for 11 years.

    I might be blonde, but I register certain facts. Mind you, I still cant read a map

  • Mojo

    Jeeze Louise, Mick! Was it something I said? Okaaaay, we’ll go with Angola. Don’t say I didn’t warn youse all.

  • Pete Baker

    This is taking multi-culturalism waaay too far.. 😉

  • On the Belfast Telegraph world cup section it also has a list of local ‘celebs’ saying whether or not they will be supporting England. Paddy Kielty – yes, Martin McGuinness – no.


  • Garibaldy

    Glad to Antrim’s revolutionary status fittingly recognised. And that the DPR of Korea is recognised as the important Korea by the Tele.

  • Valenciano

    Have to agree with this bit of the article:

    “it’s the English media wot done it for me! What is it that turns normally rational English journalists and commentators into moronic, xenophobic, subjective, ultra-biased, jibbering idiots come the World Cup?”

    All of which is seriously off-putting but

    “After all, the English squad is peppered with players from the likes of Manchester United and Liverpool”

    is the clincher. Seeing Becks, Gerrard and Rooney fall flat on their face (not in the penalty area for a change) will be one of the highlights of the forthcoming tourney for me. For similar reasons I’ll be glad to see Brazil exit early on (a pipe dream I admit) due to the Barca connection. While I will be positively delighted to see Valencia’s Aimar bang in a few goals.

    I’m in Berlin for the tourney so it should be good craic. Shame that neither of the Irelands are involved though 🙁

  • Con

    Who could be compared to Pele except Christy Ring?

    Cu Chulainn, DJ Carey, Joe Deane, or anyone born in Cushendall.

    Apparently Pele told Bestie that he was the better plsyer. Some praise.

    Angola abu!!!

  • Cahal

    Did Socrates play for UCD in the Sigerson cup or is that BS?

  • merrie

    When England was out of the World Cup a few years ago, and Ireland was in, I think it was The Guardian which issued mock Irish passports so its readers could support Ireland instead.

  • DK

    I don’t want to nit-pick, well actually I do (& find it strangely satisfying), but wasn’t County Dublin split into more than one county: Who will Countyl Fingal get? The ref?


  • My native county of Mayo has Spain. Some very good players, often seen as contenders but never manage to get their hands on the big prize.

    That sounds about right, then!

  • Bog warrior


    Heard that one the other day myself. I think it definitely sounds like an urban myth. There’s no mention of Socrates on the sigerson cup website in the setion detailing personalities who played Sigerson football.
    A good bet is for the countries who will make it through the group stages. An accumulator on 7 or 8 teams should pay nicely. Its also a good sweat for the first two weeks of the tournament More predictable than trying to call the outright winner or the golden boot.

  • Excellent, Tyrone are Argentina!

    Always had a soft spot since watching the great Maradona (Peter Canavan) and its continued into adulthood, helped by partying on thames boat party on Argentinian society nights…what amazing women. (I’ll be watching their game on sat night there..for the football/atmosphere, you understand)

    Everyone has low opinions of Argy defenders, fouling, nasty schemers with some flair, this isn’t aimed at Ryan McMenamin is it?

  • Ringo


    Not only do Cork have more all-Irelands but they have legends of hurling known for breathtaking skill flair and imagination

    Its a pity about the current side though. Efficient, dour, workmanlike, relentless – just like the German football stereotype.

    As for the poorly matched Ring and Pele – try Socrates and the Bomber Liston.


    Socrates allegedly played Collingwood with Trinity not Sigerson while he was doing dentistry.

  • trueulsterman

    Why is there no border on that map? he people who designed the map did not realise that there is an international frontier between ivory coast and portugal. At least angola and czech republic are still british and proud of it.

  • Come on Londonitaly!! :o)

  • Billy Pilgrim

    “Why is there no border on that map?”

    Coz the border is just a figment of your feverish imagination TrueUlsterMan.

    Don’t worry though, the nightmare will soon be over…

    Come on Portugal!

    Though surely with Dungannon’s huge Portuguese population, Tyrone would have been the obvious candidate to be aligned with Portugal?

    Anybody could’ve been Poland.

    And Meath, not Cork, are obviously the Germans of Ireland – dour, ruthlessly efficient, disliked but respected by all, brilliant in the 90s, much weaker now, but still the time most likely to have said of them: “You can never write them off…”

    The Dubs as Ingerland is spot on. Hugely overhyped, expect to win every time regardless of their invariable mediocrity, yet always great entertainment to watch (as long as it culminates in another heart-wrenching defeat, natch!)

    Armagh are Italy – bursting with talent but with a frustrating tendency to be over-defensive. Despite participating in some of the greatest games ever, cannot seem to shake a reputation for dourness. Ancient capital. Ecclesiastical centre.

    Or maybe we’re the Dutch? Orange jerseys, big King Billy fetish…

    Antrim has got to be Iran, where the Mullahs rule.

    Derry should be Sweden, because that’s where you’ll find the greatest concentration of beautiful women.

  • Socrates did play for UCD


  • Briso

    Derry = Italy


    Sophisticated, stylish, with the most beautiful inhabitants and best food.

  • Miss Fitz

    I may be a girl, but even I know the Bomber Liston was from Kerry not Cork

  • Ingram

    A flag of St George , could not locate it.LOL

    South Armagh would be nice if that could be arranged.