Haddock: nowhere left to go…

Belfast Telegraph piece on Mark Haddock, the UVF man reportedly shot by members of his own organisation, and the degree of penetration of the UVF by government spys.

  • elfinto

    The ‘securocrats’ have all the motivation in the world to silence Haddock for good. Unfortunately he has no incentive to say what he knows and the state is unlikely to offer him one.

  • Should it not be – nowhere for Haddock to Swim?

  • gareth mccord

    haddock is better of dead. he will be in bad health in a jail for a long time soon enough.then we will see how tough he is on his own.but dont rule out the slime of the goverment,a deal or done properly next time. but my money is in jail.

  • Valenciano

    He could always stay with his niece who lives in the New Lodge area. He’d probably be safer there than in Mount Vernon!!

  • McGrath

    Remembering society widely views him as an axe murderer (is that fair comment?), What motivation could the state provide to get him to co-operate?

    If dies or gets killed is that the best thing or is an opportunity to remove some other reprobates from the street lost?

    (PS, I dont care what hue he is, I dont what to turn it into that)

  • elfinto

    Haddock’s best means of survival may be through telling what he knows before they try to whack him again.

  • gareth mccord

    whatever he does his life is over.the worry lies with the branch handlers and the uvf killings of the past.alot more will come out .FACT

  • peter

    this issue raises serious concerns about collusion once more. loyalist sources in the irish news suspect that haddock will be given a new identity for information concerning loughlinisland. why is this mass murderer not going to jail or is it once again okay to kill as long as ur on the payroll of britian? i do not need to provide a list of names for this.

  • roger

    Perhaps the MP for North Belfast could enlighten the electorate of the area to the going’s on of the uvf.