Preparing for government…

Or not.. If the first meeting of Hain’s Committee the Preparation for Government Committee is an indication of the prospects of an executive being formed then we can look forward to a prolonged period of further direct rule. As the Alliance Party leader David Ford, one of only two party leaders who took a seat on the committee, said – “If they cannot even agree on how to chair a meeting, what hope is there that they will agree to form an executive within the next six months?” or, as Gerry Moriarty, in the Irish Times, put it recently “Some way to run a country.” UpdatedAn additional note in the BBC report caught my eye

Some of the parties are writing to Secretary of State Peter Hain to clarify whether the need for “consensus” means the committee can only move forward on the basis of unanimity.

*shakes head*


From the statement by Secretary of State for Wales and Northern Ireland, Peter Hain [and also on the short-list of candidates to take over from John Prescott – Ed]

“The Committee will reconvene tomorrow.”

Try again.. fail better?