“It was not a maverick attack”

As one man is two men are arrested for questioning about the attempted murder of Mark Haddock, in the Belfast Telegraph today, Brian Rowan, quoting someone he describes as “a senior and credible source” writes:

The only unanswered question is whether the UVF will now formally admit to its involvement in the shooting. It was not a maverick attack and nor was it carried out by individuals acting without authority.[added emphasis]

That’s in contrast to a report on UTV previously, as noted here, and the public statements by the PUP leader David Ervine, who has been stating that he believes there was no authorisation from the UVF leadership.Meanwhile, at yesterday’s meeting of the Policing Board, the DUP’s Arlene Foster raised concerns about the presence of the Chairperson of the PUP on the Policing Board during the briefing by Chief Constable Hugh Orde on the ongoing investigation, and indicated that the party would be seeking a meeting with the Secretary of State for Wales and Northern Ireland, Peter Hain.

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  • Jacko

    And when Rowan talks about a “senior and credible” source you can rest assured that’s exactly the status of the person he got it from.

    Nobody realistically thought otherwise, but Rowan’s confirmation will really up the heat on this one.

  • Crataegus

    Laughable and utterly predictable; we have a member of the UUP trying to provide cover for the UVF. Reminiscent of SF’s antics some years back.

    Roll on the next election. How long do we give Reg as leader of the UUP?

  • Peking

    Another, as yet untouched upon, problem with this as well is that if one grouping is allowed, or excused, such attacks it results in others feeling they can get away with doing the same.
    If this Haddock attack is allowed to drop then we can expect a whole spate of grudge shootings.

  • Hey, Ervine turns out to be a lying sh*tbag, who’d have guessed?

    Just to repeat one more time: MORONS! Calling all MORONS! That means <b>you</b>, yes you, the UUP MLA skulking at the back as his niece, sorry, his researcher, shows him what the internet is, well, more likely, what a computer is first, actually, more likely still, after she has explained to him what Indo-European script is, and what the basic benefits of literacy are, you, June, is your last chance. Autumn elections are coming: they suit the DUP, and they suit Sinn Fein, and if they suit both those sets of fine upstanding yahoos, you can bet your backside that they suit HMG. You will lose your seat, unless you get off your bottom, and ring Reg on his mobile (07760 *** ***), and tell him to chuck Ervine out, now, or else.

    Remember, you’ll never have £££ like this again. And, Karl is never wrong – elections, this autumn, you, out on your arse. Act now, Turnips!

  • heck

    martin ingram has the transcript of a conversation between agent 003.5 (only half the man his father was!) and his handler planning the attack on haddock.

    Expect the sunday world to run this week end with the story that 003.5 is really martin mcguinness.

  • Rory

    Well Karl Rove is at least appealing to UUP members on the issue that is most dear to their hearts – the good old mazoolah. Nothing so effective as tackling first principles, what, Karl?

  • PortadownMan

    Looks like Reg’s strategy to cosy up to the UVF to put them out of business is working a treat.

  • Credit where credit’s due, Portydownmon – members of the UVF are being put out of business, albeit, one at a time.

    I suppose now that UUP branches no longer can always expect to meet in Orange Halls, the UVF can offer us some spare room in a druggie’s squat?

  • gareth mccord

    the facts are bunter told willie young and bo and darren moore they have to kill haddock or they will be dealt with. haddocks “friend” moore rang him to meet up at the orange hall. willie and bo were there to kill him. as the saying goes “with friends like that who needs enemies” comes to mind. but big prob for the “friends, pals, right hand men, partners in crime” they failed . so now haddock is talking willie and moore are today arrested and the u.v.f. are snookered.FACT NOT HEARSAY

  • elfinto

    Bo done the shooting and Luke drove the getaway car, known as the General Lee.

    Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane and Bosco Hogg were also centrally involved.

    Haddock is undoubtably a scumbag but I hope he lives in the vain hope that he turns the tables on his puppet masters.

  • elfinto

    P.S. The idea that the DUP are not paramilitary linked is laughable.

  • David

    Karl Rove just loves to shoot his mouth off. He is the classic ‘peacetime slabber’. One wonders whether he was so noisy when the provos were at ‘war’.

    Ervine has consistently argued for progress and peace. Unlike the K.Roves of this world Ervine tries to do something about it. Meanwhile K. Rove while bleats from the sidelines. Yellow spineless types like him always do.

  • gareth mccord

    the only thing ervine has been consistant about is his excuses and denials that the u.v.f. have killed 28 prods since the ceasefire FACT. so david while you think ervine argues for peace why does he not help the murder victims families get justice.

  • Wrong end of Road

    Agree with you Gareth, goin by todays news on Haddocks attempted Murder, Moore is Charged but with what? Attempted Murder? Conspiracy? What about the rest of them who were involved?

  • Rove Redux

    david—lay off poor Karl. He has already owned up on another thread to electing numpty after numpty into the leadership of the UUP. He lives in a perfect little world where there is no need for parsing or nuance, let alone shades of gray. He is superior to the rest of us mere mortals and we should all feel jolly grateful that he pops in now and again to give us the benefit of his wisdom.

    btw Karl, please tell us who you think should succeed Reg? Any chance it might be someone who won’t turn into a spineless little appeaser like Trimble and Empty.


  • I’m assuming ‘David’s’ a troll – I mean, seriously, a ‘war’? The only place for the drug dealing lowlife criminal scum of the UVF, sorry, ‘heroes who kept Ulster laughing, is, of course, prison.

    And to the Duxer there – you’ll be glad to know (after all, there’s a press office salary in it), I’ve given up caring who the next leader of the UUP is. You’ll find that a lot of my fellow perfect people have done the same, and intend to demonstrate that at the next electoral opportunity. But hey, maybe, what with you fantastic track record (see general and assembly elections passim) at predicting these things, you’ll get up on your hind legs and tell me about the great things just around the corner for the UUP/UVF.