Mr Hain?.. about the PUP member on the Policing Board..

The initial political focus has, rightly, been on how the attempted murder of Mark Haddock will affect the UUP/PUP Faustian pact – should it be proven to have been carried out, as is most likely, by the UVF. The UUP leader Reg Empey has been defending that pact on BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback today, where Alex Kane also appeared and interestingly, given his Newsletter article, backed Reg Empey’s stance. But there is, of course, the position of the other high-profile PUP member, and current Chair of that party, Dawn Purvis, to consider.. still an independent member of the Policing Board.. as appointed by the Secretary of State for Wales and Northern Ireland, Peter Hain.. More political responses here Update UTV claims it was UVF members

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  • Peking

    Yes. Listening to Alex today I had to check my memory wasn’t playing tricks and that it definitely was he who had written so strongly on the subject in the NewsLetter and spoken so well on Hearts and Minds last week.
    No sense in writing things if you won’t repeat them face to face with whoever you have criticised.

  • joeCanuck

    UTV are reporting that the attack on Haddock was carried out by UVF members but that the leadership says it was not sanctioned by them

  • Gosh, put on the spot, Kane doffs the cap. As for his newspaper article and its supposed denunciation of us now being the UUP/UVF – sheep, dead, and savaged are all words that spring to mind. To put this no more bluntly, men do not bite the hands of those who, ultimately, pay them. Certainly normal, not very brave men don’t.

  • ExUUP

    I think its t ime the UUP talked about details of surender to the DUP – time to shut up shot

  • Peking

    “was carried out by UVF members but that the leadership says it was not sanctioned by them.”

    So this old ploy is going to be played to death now is it.
    I suppose big Ivan even manages to sound as if he believes it and no doubt we’ll have the same guff repeated as gospel in to-morrow’s Tele.
    We don’t have investigative journalists here just gullible ciphers for paramilitaries.

  • jay

    Ex uup I think its time the UUP talked about details of surender to the DUP – time to shut up shot.

    As a unionist I would have to say that if your looking for a better country to live in, turning to the DUP is not the answer, for as long as they as a party keep finding excuse’s for not going into government our wee country is going down the toilet, far play to Sir Reg for at least trying to steer loyalist paramilitries down the road of peace. And for the Mark Haddock shooting I wouldnt be to quick to comment on this as it has British Intelligence written all over it abit like the Dondalson shooting.

  • Exuup

    jay the UUP can no longer be trusted, I was at the election meeting for leader last year, reg promised not to enter an executive – not only has he broken that he has joined up witht the UVF – give me the DUP anytime

  • unionist

    I think DUP members sit and post on this all day….

    Try getting on with some proper work.

  • Gerry

    This post is essentially about Dawn Purvis the PUP chairperson and policing board member.

    I have heard nothing but good thing about this woman, she is building quite a reputation for herself, admitadly this may put a dent in it…but in my opinion it should not.

  • Tony Clifton


    You are dead right.

    However there elected reps have been very quite about all this, I think we have come to the point I have been saying would come ever since the ‘pact’. The DUP are afraid to attack anymore as they are afraid of all the skeletons that will come rushing out of the closet to illustrate their hypocrasy.

    They have pulled the plug on their pact with tommy kirkham at the last minute to save face. Its pathetic.

  • Tony Clifton

    I need some English lessons.

  • Pete Baker

    Actually, Gerry, the post is essentially comparing the UUP linking up with the PUP MLA, David Ervine, in the non-functioning assembly with the appointment of the Chair of the PUP, Dawn Purvis, to the functioning Policing Board by the Secretary of State, Peter Hain – whether you’ve heard good things about her or not.

  • Anyone heard good things about the UVF? No? Me neither. Hain’s hypocrisy is so staggering as to beyond parody. As for Empey’s lack of political integrity (Did you hear him on Talkback?) the least said the better.

  • Rubicon

    Ms Purvis’s appointment to the Policing Board is perhaps the last hope for the UUP to blame their stupidity on the British. It will offer little cover. It’s one thing for a part-time Englishman (South African?) to be a clod-hopping ejut – there’s nothing the electorate can do about him.

    Reg and his twisted, sectarian, meglomaniac incompetents are another matter. These over-paid, under-worked and intelletually challenged wasters have besmerched the reputation of the “decent people” who were daft enough to elect them.

    Will they do it again? Perhaps! And then Reg can rest easy that he didn’t drag the “decent people” through the mud.

    What chance of getting any sense out of the DUP now when there’s such an electoral gift given them. November 24th? Damn – they want an election!

    Can the unionist advisers suggest why?

  • Pete Baker


    Reg used that comparison to justify his embracing of David Ervine today.. my point has always been that the initial embracing of the Chair of the PUP, Dawn Purvis, by the Secretary of State for Wales and Northern Ireland Peter Hain, was unjustifiable to begin with.

  • Rubicon

    I’m in complete agreement with you Pete – a representative of the PUP should not have been appointed to the policing board. If Reg is now reaching for that as any basis to excuse his own decision then he’s on slippery ground.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    I don’t have much time for Karl Marx/Gusty Spence/Davy Ervine, but I have to agree with him when he says that it was an opportunist that shot Haddock, and not a UVF ASU…

  • Comrade Stalin

    I’m afraid I’ve heard this “not sanctioned by the leadership” argument too often to give it any credibility. The UVF are quite simply using plausible deniability in an attempt to get away with murder.

    These organizations do not operate a strict military structure with any kind of discipline. They are not accountable to anyone.

  • Nevin

    Talking of the Policing Board, Pete, it seems that Hanson looks forward to the SDLP joining it

  • Garibaldy

    Comrade Stalin,

    Can you explain exactly what you’re saying there as it seems to me you’re contradicting yourself. In that you say the UVF leadership is attempting to use plausible deniability for an action they are actually responsible for, but then denying that they have control over their members, making their denial more likely to be true than a cover story.


    haven’t seen a bit of red under the bed stuff in a while.

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