Lady Penelope decides

With all the fuss about spies in the IRA, this little piece in the Sunday Life went almost unnoticed.

Lady Sylvia is said to be denying rumours that she is set to leave the UUP. The potential break-up is of course related to the UUP/PUP agreement which she says caused her ‘deep distress’.

It may or may not be related to the statement from Alliance’s David Alderdice who recognises that her last election victory was due in no small part to Alliance support.

“Sylvia Hermon would not have been elected in North Down last time around without Alliance Party support and while a lot of our supporters have a great regard for her, they would find it impossible to vote for any Unionist Party candidate because of the current arrangement it has with the PUP.”

This support may not be as forthcoming in the wake of the unholy alliance, and of course today’s events will no doubt cause the Lady further and deepening distress.

  • In the name of God go!

    The more I think about this, if soiling ourselves by giving the whip to the scum of the UVF has actually been a cunning Reg plan to drive her out the UUP, it will almost have been worth it. Useless, harping pinko that she is.

  • Garibaldy

    What happens if Ervine and the PUPs break the link with the UVF, which seems to me more likely now than ever? Assuming that this was the UVF of course. There were quite a few people killed in feuds between mount vernon and york road I think.

  • David

    It has been ignored that for the PUP forming a link with the UUP was very difficult. The PUP is a left wing party and the UUP are the Ulster Tories. If Ervine had had to follow UUP policy on social issues the link would never have been formed.

    As for ‘Karl Rove’ he is typical of the right wing of unionism. These days he is full of moral outrage……when the provos were waging war one imagines he might have said ‘bring em on’. These guys are all the same.

  • Nevin

    [i]South Belfast Ulster Unionist assembly member Esmond Birnie said if the UVF was behind the murder attempt, his party would have to reconsider its links to the PUP.

    “This is, as it were, a political marriage and it can be dissolved by either party,” Mr Birnie said.[/i]


  • fair_deal

    “If Sir Reg is able to establish now a policy to bring about loyalist decommissioning and prevent any more murders… that would be worthwhile”

    The deep distress is one thing but the direct reference to preventing murders means Lady Hermon is going to have to say or do something more (although she may chose to wait until the IMC attributes culpability or if the Chief Constable names a group.)

  • Loyalist


    She’s boxed herself into a corner, with her earlier comments re. stopping murders. She must act now and call for an end to thid filthy arrangement, otherwise Weir/Alderdice will bounce all over her and the UUP in North Down.

  • BooBoo

    nevin—to give him his due it is my understanding that Birnie was always pretty sceptical about the Ervine business. I am also led to believe that some of the UUP MLAs were assured by Empty and the Major that the UVF was going to divvy up within a day or two of Ervine’s signing in with them.

    Can anyone out there confirm that the Assembly Group didn’t vote on this collectively, but were sought out and picked off one by one?

    CunningPlan House typing pool still very quiet. Have they nothing to say to Slugger last night or this morning?


  • Loyalist


    Indeed. Michael Shilliday, Rebecca Black, Fermanagh Young Unionist, Tony Clifton, Boshank, Lord Belmont, where are you all?

  • Loyalist

    What no response? If someone dared post a criticism of Copeland for attempting to bride McCord, you lot were on here within seconds to defend this great hero of Unionism. My, my, my how silent you are today.

  • Nevin


    It’s all fascinating stuff. Meanwhile up in the Kingdom of Moyle the DUP appears to be having a little problem with Davy McAllister, their local councillor. Seymour Sweeney, a local developer, and Ian Paisley jnr may also feature in the ongoing saga.

  • lib2016

    It’s fun to watch the various unionist no-hopers attempting to score points of each other but let’s not forget that when it came to Belfast Corporation they all, including Alliance linked up to keep themmuns in Sinn Fein out.

  • unionist

    All the UUP posters are currently engaged in watching the hysterical actions of the DUP in Newtownabbey. Having done a deal with Tommy Kirkham of the UPRG to give him the deputy mayorship the local DUP’s were ordered to shaft the bold Tommy to maintain the perception sorry the literal truth that the DUP never ever ever even looked at a paramilitary or their representative.

    Repercussions are being felt across South Antrim and causing great mirth and enjoyment.

  • ed


    I very much doubt it.

  • fair_deal

    So the ‘deal’ you claimed on a previous thread has not come to pass at all. Hmmm.

  • madhatter

    lol, some people might still be waiting for the long promised “fair deal”

  • Lord Trimble

    ‘the UUP are the Ulster Tories’
    Actually I think you’ll find the Ulster Tories are the Ulster Tories not the UUP