Lady Penelope decides

With all the fuss about spies in the IRA, this little piece in the Sunday Life went almost unnoticed.

Lady Sylvia is said to be denying rumours that she is set to leave the UUP. The potential break-up is of course related to the UUP/PUP agreement which she says caused her ‘deep distress’.

It may or may not be related to the statement from Alliance’s David Alderdice who recognises that her last election victory was due in no small part to Alliance support.

“Sylvia Hermon would not have been elected in North Down last time around without Alliance Party support and while a lot of our supporters have a great regard for her, they would find it impossible to vote for any Unionist Party candidate because of the current arrangement it has with the PUP.”

This support may not be as forthcoming in the wake of the unholy alliance, and of course today’s events will no doubt cause the Lady further and deepening distress.