Shoukri brothers in bother?

Many of the papers have dedicated articles in recent days to on-going internal ‘difficulties’ within the UDA. It would appear that the Shoukri brothers have fallen foul of a number of their former ‘colleagues,’ and could be facing expulsion from the organisation in the time ahead.

Whatever about the nature of the argument, a hyped-up UDA in north Belfast and south-east Antrim is about the last thing everybody needs as we approach the Summer, particularly given that many of the sectarian (and indeed non-sectarian) killings and attacks carried out in the post-Agreement era have occurred in this area, including the murder of Thomas Devlin last Summer.

  • pasty

    Andrex and Etab’s only crime – wanting to Pharoah’s of Ulster!

    If all goes beely up they can always move to Troon and visit their old pal Johnny, who’s only crime was “Loyalty” to his friends – until he fell out with them!

    J, A and Etabs pot bar has a bit of ring to it! God help whoever’s door step these three “Loyal sons” end up on!

  • jane

    The problem is there are hundreds like them.


  • Jane :

    it could be worse….. there were 1000s of Zulu’s

  • Crataegus

    We need to be rid of this pair. Rejoice.

  • Nevin

    [i]They are not going to be dictated to by south Belfast who have their cap in hand to the McAleeses in Dublin.[/i] [Newsletter link above]

    It seems some Dublin civil servants are very concerned that Mary McAleese will (once again) get caught up in some very negative publicity re.Northern Ireland.

  • DaithiO

    This is all so predictable.

    Once they’re ejected from the UDA their security service protection will fade away and leave them very vulnerable.

    Shades of Grey.


  • Crataegus


    Shades of Grey.


    Ten handy ways to bury past collusion which itself created the problem of unruly untouchables. Personally I would like to know just how compromised the security forces are by both Loyalist and Republican activity. Many innocent people have been killed or denied the protection of the state as a consequence and alas we will never know and

    That said I am very sure that many will be well pleased when the brothers Grim exit the stage.

  • Rory

    Feuding within Ulster Loyalism? It’s heartening to know that the old time-honoured traditions are being upheld. I wonder what odds the bookies are laying on the first to get whacked – McClean, McDonald or a Shoukri. Any tips from those out there with the horse’s mouth to their ear?

  • baldrick45

    Won’t be McDonald, I mean without his happy meals how would the concerned loyalists of Norn Irn nourish their families?

    I mean the odd kebab is nice ‘n all but you know were you stand with a McDonald’s…..

  • Handy man wi a hanky ball

    how quick they go outa flavour. Ear! today gun tomllow? I do think any one who’s daft enough to loose 800k on the ponies should be have been dealt with as soon as the rumours started.

    Old Tommy Hearn and Ned McC must be turnin in their urnes.

    If this bunch of cowboys have some of the LVF weaponry as earlier reported “No way are they goin out without a big bang.