O’Flanigan: Ireland’s last Corinthian?

Kevin O’Flanigan has died aged 86. According to the Sunday Times he, “…won both rugby and soccer caps for Ireland. He also played soccer for Arsenal and was a great track-and-field athlete, holding the national 60-yard, 100-yard and long jump titles in the late 1930s”. He also played for Distillery, and according to one caller on tonight’s Sportscall, several times, thwarted Belfast Celtic at crucial moments.Sean Diffley in today’s Irish Independent with a classic snippet:

There is a famous bit of BBC tape of an Arsenal match which went something like this: “Arsenal,” the commentator shrieked, “are moving the ball up left, to Smith who passes to Brown, and now out to Gray and on to Jones who sends it to the right to . . . Doctor O’Flanagan.”

We will never see their like again.