Blogger goes off on one…

Well here’s a good reason to mind what you say on line, blogger or no blogger. Charles Johnson, the dogged blogger behind Little Green Footballs has charted in minute detail what may turn out to be the first UK scalp by a big US blogger. This time, the person under suspicion is not a journalist, but another blogger at the Guardian’s Comment is Free site. Charles has the details, chapter and verse. Thanks to David for the heads up!

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3 thoughts on “Blogger goes off on one…

  1. Whilst it is as yet impossible to say for certain that Inayat Bunglawala is the clown that called himself “ZionistPig” and sent the “pig throat cutting” email, he certainly has a prima facie case to answer and he has certainly not answered it so far (other than to make a twattish comment about “Zionist” mischief makers).

    The threatening email came via Reuters and at first appeared to come from Sweden. However in reply to another poster nick223 (who has his own weblog “Nordish”), the poster who had first brought Inayat’s atention to LGF (on an unrelated topic), Inayat mentioned in passing that his server gave the impression he was posting from Sweden. Charles Johnson at LGF immediately spotted this admission and pointed it out. Inayat then posted his idiotic “Zionist” comment on Comment Is Free, and at almost exactly the same time the other poster, nick223/Nordish’s, weblog which was linked on CiF was visited by someone from “Sweden” via Reuters, this mysterious poster had the same IP address as the “cut throat” poster to LGF.

    If Inyayat isn’t the poster of the threat, and to be honest it would be an astonishing coincidence if he wasn’t, then he can settle it very simply. He can confirm or deny that he had access to Reuters (they are reporting that they have suspended the offending emailer but have not named him or her). Nick223/Nordish has given the details of the IP address and publicly stated he will apologise to Inayat if he can prove that he isn’t the owner of that particular address, so far Inayat has declined to do so.

    The DailyAblution weblog last year exposed the militant Islamist Dilpazier Aslam who was working for the Guardian, if Inayat Bunglawala, who also works as a professional “moderate Muslim” for the Home Office, turns out to be a throat cutting kind of guy then the Grauniad is going to start looking pretty damn silly.

  2. miko
    “if Inayat Bunglawala, who also works as a professional “moderate Muslim”

    Bunglawala despite being the Media Spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain has a history of both virulent homophobia:
    and anti-semitism

    With views like that in no way can be classified a moderate.
    Regarding this particuliar case, I would have thought that a person in his position he wouldn’t have been so stupid to leave such an easy to follow trail; on the other hand I wouldn’t have expected a person in his position to come out with such an idiotic comment about the “Zionists” either in a national paper

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