Northern Ireland slipping in political ratings?

Lindy McDowell is not impressed with the Scottish First Minister’s pitch for a return to devolution; nor his approach to ‘tackling sectarianism’. She speculates that Northern Ireland has slipped in the order of global priorities:

Come any political crisis, hand of history development or seismic decision day and you can bet your rising rates bill that someone sufficiently ‘on message’ will be bussed in to shower us with more inspirational prose than a Carole Caplin lifestyle guide.

It’s a barometer of where we now stand in global priorities that having worked our way down from an American president all we get these days is a Scottish First Minister.

Who next? The chairperson of Lower Witterington parish council?

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7 thoughts on “Northern Ireland slipping in political ratings?

  1. How dare she assert that wee Jack isn’t important. Has the English superiority complex transferred itself to a Belfast newsroom?

    I did get her message though, the world is bored with the sectarian politics of Unionism, and they have not got a clue how to deal with it.

    I think that the Queen/President of Ireland should jointly award their highest civilian decoration to the Nationalist population of the six counties. In recognition of their continued patience in dealing with intransigence Which unfortunately results all too often in tradgedy, when it manifests itself in violence.

  2. Perhaps Lindy should give some thought to what the First Minister said. Sectarianism IS still rife here, and it is very evident in our current political discourse. I feel embarrased when leaders of other countries (whether the US, UK, Scotland or whoever Lindy) come here and try to look on the bright side for us. Our inability to get over petty rivalries and our unrivaled ability to find offense in the most bland statement just shows the world once again how politically immature we are.

    Secondly, does she really think we are that important that we deserve bigger names than Jack McConnell? The fact that people in Ulster still think that the troubles were the world’s most serious conflict and that the peace process is the globe’s most pressing priority amazes me.

  3. It’s just a pity that Lindy didn’t mention that Jack’s Party doesn’t actually contest elections in NI. He rambled on about sectarianism. But it’s kinda difficult for the NI populace to reject sectarianism when the very parties that compete to govern the place don’t contest elections there (the Conservatives do but with, so far, limited intervention from the Party heavy-weights). Hopefully the Tories are waking up to the fact that there are electoral opportunities here – particularly now that the UUP and SDLP are waning. But Labour needs to get real and face up to its responsibilities.

  4. Awwh! No A-listers willing to risk their credibility. Everyone knows nothing’s going to happen – that’s why we get D-listers. The ‘world’ (a little nostalgia from when we were the most important trouble-spot on the globe) has now become as bored with our politics as we are.

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