Sugar and Spice and all things nice…..

Well, we know that’s what little girls are made of.

Which means that boys are made of frogs and snails and puppy dogs tails, well at least the boys on Slugger. For a while now, we seem to have been missing the old feminine perspective, and there seemed to be a vacancy, so yours truly has stepped up to the plate and hopes to make a contribution to the site. I dont intend to focus on ‘female’ issues, as I think that by making yourself different you become the issue. However, I feel a feminine perspective can be a useful thing at times, and I hope that I can bring that on board.

This is really just a test to see how she goes, and if I can actually get this posted. If the picture comes up on the screen, its my dog and not me. And that would be sunset in Rostrevor, one of the 50 best things about Ireland!

  • Rory

    “…stepped up to the plate”, MissFitz? Ladies playing boy’s games? Hardly seems feminine to me.
    But then what would I know?

    Welcome, MissFitz. I wish you well and look forward to a MissFitz slant, feminine, feminist or whatever, just so long as it’s MissFitzist.

  • Not another Down one!!

    Only Joking, I look forward to good things.

  • seabhac siulach

    “…For a while now, we seem to have been missing the old feminine perspective…”

    Is that not a sexist comment? What exactly is a feminine perspective? And, how would any such perspective be in any way different from that of anyone else man or woman? Does it not suggest that there are then issues which are women only or men only? And there are not. Do women vote differently from men, is that it, or is it that they think differently? Are we to expect cliched examples of a ‘feminine’ perpsective, is that it? Soft focus commentary, pictures of fluffy things, etc.? If local politics and culture is anything to go by, woman play just as rough as the boys…and so should be treated the same…so no different perspective needed (as regards gender)…

  • crataegus

    Leader of the CPP deserts and takes up a job in a quango? The speed with which movements rise and fall these days.

  • Occasional Commentator

    seabhac siulach,
    Women do vote differently, in Britain at least. Women have always been more likely than man to vote Tory. I think I heard something like Labour would have won every election since the war if it wasn’t for women’s votes.

  • missfitz

    Rest assured, this is nothing more than a clever and cynical attempt to promote the Common Purpose Party and to raise much needed funds for our coffers.

    Your leader and chief has much higher principles than that, and will always take the high moral path.

  • Harry

    How are we to know that you’re not actually a cross-dressing Shirley Temple Bar lookalike with a five o’clock shadow and pimples on your hairy arse?

  • missfitz

    Are you looking in the mirror?

  • Canadian

    Looking forward to it!

    “And that would be sunset in Rostrevor, one of the 50 best things about Ireland!”

    ah! thats a good one!!

  • crataegus


    That’s a relief, moggy was muttering about politics being a pointless waste of time and was urging the setting up a military wing. But then moggy always had an interest in pointless slaughter, especially of the innocent and defenceless.

  • Ecce Romani

    miss fitz

    go for it!!

    Good to see someone on here from one of Warrenpoints prettier suburbs……..

  • Overhere

    Watch out lads here comes “matron”

  • D’Holbach

    Brave decision Missfitz. Good luck with it.

  • Rubicon

    Good luck with it MissFitz.

    Hope it doesn’t stop you taking the dog for walks!

  • Pete Baker

    I, for one, welcome our new fitzian overlord.

    Welcome aboard, missfitz!

    And don’t let the begrudgers get you down. 🙂

  • TL

    I’m with you Pete. I’ve enjoyed Miss Fitz’s comments on Slugger and now look forward to her posts…girly or otherwise.

  • bertie

    Good luck Missfitz

    I look forward to the recipes, the knitting patterns and advise on how to match your suit to your shoes and handbag.


  • Miss Fitz

    Well, its been a big day for me, and I’m all tuckered out.

    So, I just want to say a huge big thanks to everyone for their kind and good wishes.

    Bertie, I look forward to the recipe section as well, I ran a restaurant here for several years, so you might be in for a treat yet! Dont know about matching your suspenders with your outfit though, but I can try to advise.

    Overhere, if you’re lucky, I might get dressed up for you one day in my Nurses uniform!

    D’ohlbach, I was feeling grand until you said I was brave! Then I got nervous and wondered if I was wise, but thanks.

    Rubicon, I live on the beach, so I’ll just chuck him out when I’m blogging….

    Rory, I dont know much about sports but hope I dont score any own goals

    And to each and all thanks again, and may God Bless each and everyone.

  • bertie

    “Overhere, if you’re lucky, I might get dressed up for you one day in my Nurses uniform! ”

    You’ll go far LOL!

    Is this Slugger branching out?

  • rubicon

    There’s summit’ up with the Slugger homepage – no more threads and just a blank page since yesterday.

    This happening on Missfitz’s first day … hmmm … you didn’t twiddle any knobs did you Missfitz? 😉

  • TL

    Missfitz is innocent (on this count anyway)…
    I believe Mick encountered trouble trying to make the PodCast available on iTunes.

  • bertie

    Missfitz broke Slugger!!!!