Radio Slugger: Does North South make sense?

It’s been a while since the last edition of Slugger Radio. Even now, I’ve not quite figured out how to make it available to iTunes users. This edition contains an interview with Sean Farren, some extracts from David McWilliams’ Big Bite programme, and then we sign off with a very wry look at our own idiosyncrasies from the point of view of two Dublin Trolls (courtesy of Overhere). You can download straight from the site. Hopefully our bandwidth can withstand the strain! Let us know if you are having difficulties!

  • Mick
    what a contrast, I was losing the will to live hearing that auld fella going on about de-economy-stupid, and then that smurf voice came on with the riddles.
    Wish you could bottle that up, you’d make a fortune.

  • Busty Brenda

    Mick, maybe it’s my hearing, but I found parts of it a little difficult to hear.

  • dantheman

    “Mick, maybe it’s my hearing, but I found parts of it a little difficult to hear.”

    with a name like that, perhaps your cleavage is getting in the way of the PC speakers (situayshin like) 😉

  • Mick Fealty

    I’ve got a feeling we may have cracked the iTunes situayshin, like. Can someone try it for themselves? The trolls are 2.5 mins from the end by the way. My kids were ripping themselves at it earlier.

  • Aidan

    I listened to the PodCast from iTunes by double clicking on it after searching the directory, but I’m not sure if the subscrition functionality is working. It kept telling me there are no available episodes to listen to.

  • Mark

    I found the first 18mins of that really boring. Really, really, boring.

    Those Trolls. Class act.

    No more Mickcasts, more Trolls!

  • I can’t find the RSS feed for this podcast Mick, is there one? Just in case anyone isn’t aware, the difference between a podcast and a common-or-garden audio file is that a podcast has an accompanying syndication feed which you can use to automatically download new shows as they become available and never miss a show. I’d keep away from iTunes as a priority – try Feedburner (

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin


    Still playing with the technology. Can’t disagree your critique over much. I’ve an inkling there’s something in this podcasting business, just haven’t worked it out yet. My end of the interview came out badly sound wise, so it’s not the most engaging material.


    I’m really, really struggling with the feed end. I’ve been working on a customised method of getting it to appear with the minimal of fuss on Expression Engine. But I don’t know if that has worked either. I’m going to have to keep tweaking.