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I watched Nuala O’Loan being interviewed last night, and I wondered what was so different about her?

Was she sterner? More authoritarian? Scarier?

None of those actually, she’s blonder! Mrs O’Loan is a little like Miss Fitz: a traditionally built lady of a certain age. I guess when you get to this stage, its either Blue Rinse or the bottle of blonde comes out. Mind you, she’s in esteemed company. Anne Widdecombe caused quite a sensation some time ago when she ditched her frumpy image and dyed her hair blonde. She also became quite a hands on agony aunt, traversing the country dispensing brisk and sensible advice.

Nuala looked like she could do with a shoulder to cry on yesterday. As many people had predicted, solving the past crimes of Northern Ireland isnt going to happen like it does on the television shows. In fact, the prospects of solving any of the cases seems like a real life Mission Impossible. Did the Historical Enquiries Team ever even have a realistic chance of solving of the Closed Cases?

It’s not realistic to think that we’ll do it in six years, that we will re-investigate all those murders and deaths. It’s just not realistic I think.
“I think that we’re talking at least a decade, probably, to do all those cases, possibly more. I think that the historical enquiries team will have the same problem.”

The Northern Ireland Office, which funds the initiative, would not be drawn on whether more resources would be made available.

It would appear that a very large sum of money is being spent to tell us what we suspected. Too much time has passed to realistically alter any of the outcomes of these unsloved cases, and the danger remains that expectations have been raised among the victims’ relatives that will now be dashed once more.

  • MF:

    “a traditionally built lady of a certain age”

    Heh-heh. Euphemism of the week 😉

  • Dec

    Miss Fitz

    You appear to have two entirely seperate threads masquerading as one here and I’m not sure as to what purpose.

    Incidentally, I’d beg to differ with your claim that:

    the prospects of solving any of the cases seems like a real life Mission Impossible.

    Typo, possibly?

  • seabhac siulach

    Did she have her nails done as well?? More of these details…might distract us from what she was actually saying…

  • missfitz

    Actually Dec, its called multi-taksing and there were 3 separate ideas in that post.

    Get used to it.

  • elfinto

    Hello Magazine comes to Slugger O’Toole.

  • Ringo

    Police Om-Blondes-man


    How about “Collared & ‘cuff’s” instead?

  • TL

    I like the female touch Miss Fitz, and it doesn’t turn into fodder for a glossy until someone calls her a slut.

  • Vivaldian

    Is she by any chance related to the lovely Anne Widdecombe? The similarity is quite spooky.

  • Aidan

    So much for not focusing on ‘female’ issues..

  • missfitz

    Admitting that most of the unsolved crimes of our troubled past will remain just that– unsolved, is not a feminine issue.

    It’s quite depressing in a way, particularly for anyone who was pinning their hopes on some kind of outcome or resolution.

    But, I admit, the hair colour was a girlie comment…..

  • missfitz

    Nasty and libellous comments will be removed without hesitation.

  • TL

    That one was nasty!!! Guess it makes our girly comments look like classic literature.

  • missfitz

    Yeah, having a bit of a laugh is grand, but I think that there are some bitter and twisted folk out there that cant tell the difference between fun and utter twistedness.

    There’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed, and I certainly dont feel you crossed it.

  • Dec

    Get used to it

    Only if you promise to report the vaguely relevant section of your thread accurately.

  • missfitz

    Your point is taken, I did mean ‘many’ instead of any. Please blame it on the excitement.