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Well.. I, for one, welcome our new Eurovision overlordies.. here’s Lordi live in Athens… and Lordi’s Hard Rock Hallelujah video.. Enjoy.

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  • missfitz

    Absolutely wonderful Pete!

    I just love the Eurovision, but on the level of how bad it can be. I was doing some searching in the immediate aftermath and found that many countries take it a lot more seriously though.

    It got a lot of coverage on the AlJazeerah internet site for instance, actually very balanced reporting on it.

    The Russians however took a completely different view and felt that they had the best competitor and were cheated of glory. There seemed to be quite a fuss in Russia over it.

    My personal favourite will always be ‘My Lovely Horse’, the entry by Father Ted and Father Dougal, when the executives at RTE didnt want to win any more and commissioned the worst song possible.

    I guess it takes All Kinds of Everything really doesnt it

  • ncm

    Thank Christ Brian Kennedy didn’t win. That’s all I can say about that.

  • missfitz

    Ah God love him, he was too good for them

  • Gum

    and Kent Brockman makes it to Slugger!

  • D’Oracle

    I’m not convinced Lordi represents all thats best in European culture- thats all.

    WTF will foreigners that dont understand strange stuff like Americans or people from very far away places think? Finns dont usually look anything like these Lordi chappies. Maybe they have chemically altered reality perceptions or, more worringly, there really are extra terrestrials walking amongst us?.