Unionists and the paramilitary connection…

Newton Emerson, with a wry look at the political dilemmas on the Unionist side of the house. And hints that Sinn Fein’s electoral success may be resulting in a lesser presence on the ground.

  • Emily

    “…but alas it includes but alas it includes £500,000 for ‘a new piece of public art to help stimulate pride in the city’, which will have to be neutral, inoffensive, ‘cross-community’ and so on.”

    Are they sure £500,000 will even cover the cost of the committee that will argue to establish definitions for “inoffensive” and “cross-community”?

  • All elected representatives from Norn Iron, need to be replaced by a crack team of psychologists, thats as simple as it gets.

  • Greg McGrath

    No intention intended about the “crack” remark which would otherwise legitamise Northern Ireland Politics.