Auntie’s MP3 Bloomer…

This is one of the top viewed videos on You Tube just now. Em, how one BBC interviewer found herself talking to what she thought was a MP3 download expert, who turned out to be a taxi driver. It can happen to the best of us!!


  • Pete Baker

    As the Guy [Kewney] who should have been interviewed explains here, the Guy [Goma] who was interviewed isn’t a taxi driver.. he’s a business studies graduate who was at the BBC for an interview for an IT job.. just an average day at the office..

  • SlugFest

    Don’t you just want to hug him? The poor guy (pardon the pun) is clearly nervous and unsure of himself — you can see him actually wince in pain at the very start of the interview.

    It’s sort of like that dream we’ve all had about going to school or work in your pajamas — a dreaded incident that you don’t think will actually ever happen.

  • Pete Baker

    And what’s dreadful about going to work in your pajamas?!!

    Happens every day.. 🙂

  • willis

    The whole story is delicious. It also marks possibly the first occasion when the Daily Mail’s attacks on the BBC have been effected online.

  • SlugFest


    I envy you!

    but you know what i mean — THAT dream. the dreaded dream — that’s what this man had to endure — awake! he needs a group hug is all.

  • Pete Baker


    I do know what you mean, SlugFest, a group hug is definitely needed.

    The Guardian’s Tim Dowling had a good peice on the last time he found himself waiting to be interviewed on BBC3 News.. and, during the interview on a brightly lit sofa by a nice orange couple [no, not that orange], retreating to a quiet place inside himself.

    Rolling 24-hour News.. gotta love it!

  • missfitz

    Hang on….

    did he not get suspicious when they put on makeup and attached the microphone?

    In any case he pulled it off very well!

    I hope he got his job

  • missfitz

    from (bitter) experience News24 is sadly lacking in the make up department.

  • missfitz

    Pakman, that explains part of it, but I still think I would have been mildly suspicious of the mike!!

  • GurnyGub

    Apparently the poor guy thought it may have been an ‘initiation’ or test. You can see the terror when he realises that’s not his name she used.

  • Still, he handled himself pretty well on the “whatever you say, say nothing” maxim. It just shows what the rent a sound bite pundits are normally worth

  • joeCanuck

    What a hoot; loved it.

  • wild turkey

    i thought the guy was really good. in a weird way this episode reminded me of the film Being There.

    any chance of the BEEB hiring Goma as NI chief political analyst? better yet, how about Goma giving a running commentary/analysis, with selected interviews, as events unfold/collapse at the Stormont Hilton.

    supposedly the interviewer is now going to Sesame Street as a bit player/extra.

  • Rory

    The BBC interviewing someone who doesn’t know their arse from their elbow about the matter under discussion but waffles on regardless. Nothing new in that then. They had that David Cameron on only the other day……..

  • I always think of you want to REALLY know what’s going on – ask a Cabbie! For once, the BBC get it right!

  • darth rumsfeld

    late news flash- Goma approached to join UUP policy team, but turns them down on the grounds that he knows too much

  • willis

    David Vance in “wrong end of stick” shocker!

  • The Watchman

    Funniest case of mistaken identity since the UUC elected a leader in the belief he had a titter of wit.

  • tony clifton

    I felt really sorry for him, he handled it reasonably well, she just looked like a clown trying to continue and cover it up.

  • missfitz

    Heard the full interview and background on talkback this aftenoon and it was really very funny.

    They are going to offer him a job in IT after all! Guess they hadnt much choice

  • Pete Baker

    It’s ALL good news!