No pictures please…

The press were barred from taking photos in the chamber yesterday. I spent my time watching the feeds, and so clipped one of the only real action in the house when Paisley made his point of order. Other visuals (not captured, doh) was the site of a dignified Paul Berry coming in at the end with the other independents. David Ervine and the UUP’s most prominent figure on the ‘socialist’ wing of the UUP Fred Cobain signing together. Then the lonely figure of David Trimble signing last of his party’s group and on his own, as with Ervine’s addition, it now has an odd number of MLAs.

  • willis


    I think you may need to re-visit the Flickr caption!

  • Was any decent reason given by the Speaker’s Office – or Eileen Bell directly – why she had reversed the previous policy of allowing press photographers to capture some material on the opening day?

    Sounded a bit like the new head girl testing her powers!



    In your Flickr set Return to democracy there’s a group photo of the DUP assembly team ,and on the far left Iris Robinson is standing besides Dianne Dodds.
    Take a look again at Iris, she looks like a Disney villainess in the style of Cruella DeVile.

    It’s a great picture.