New crew at the NIO

I should have looked more closely at the full cabinet shuffle details when I noted them. As the BBC have reported Angela Smith and Shaun Woodward are shuffling out of the NIO to be replaced by Maria Eagle MP and Paul Goggins MP.. there doesn’t seem to be any indication of where, or if, they will be re-assigned.. perhaps the [former] Chair of the Organised Crime Task Force’s previous attempts to clarify his comments after the fact have contributed to his move? Just a thought.. Update Or perhaps not.. Shaun Woodward has been shuffled to Culture, Media and Sport, and Angela Smith to the new department of Communities and Local Government.

  • slug

    I wonder if the grammar school people are pleased to see Smith’s replacement???

  • Michael Shilliday

    Actually Woodward is at Culture Media and Sport and Smith at Communities and Local Government which is presumabably the office of the DPM.

    Interesting that former NIO Minister Ms Kennedy was resigned from the Government as well.

  • Pete Baker

    Have a look at the CV’s for the new incumbents at TheyWorkForYou, slug [linked above].. in particular how often they rebelled against the party line – Never [both are tied at 405th most rebellious of 635 MPs.]

  • Michael Shilliday

    You don’t usually get onto the list of Government Ministers for being a rebel!

  • Pete Baker

    I know, Michael, and I really should have looked more closely at the details the second time around 🙂

  • Rapunsel

    Thank god for the departure of Woodward. Sanctimonious, self promoting , egotistical and shameless with it git. To listen to him lately about his improvements to the health service you would have thought he was paying for the improvements with his own money. Even a DUP minister would be preferable!

  • Crataegus

    Personally I would like to see them all go and be replaced by local people.


    AGREE but Smith wasn’t much better. What they do in their constituencies bears no resemblance to their attitudes expressed here.

  • Michael Shilliday

    The amount Woodward is worth, he probably did pay for the improvements!

  • wild turkey

    is the new minister maria any relation to eddie?

  • heck

    I see they are both strongly in favor of the illegal and immoral war in Iraq and votes for it. I suppose now they will come to Belfast and lecture the micks about violence. Give me the DUP over this pair of Blair lackeys. Nor Iron citizens (subjects if you are a loyalist) should protest the authorization these (insert expletive of choice) gave to the killing of over 100000 Iraqi civilians and the weakening of international norms and rules.

    They have supported Blairs “anti-terrorism” legislation which means that anyone singing the” Boys of the Old Brigade” in their local on a Friday night or having an orange march behind one of the UVF banners is liable to prosecution.

    There are both very strongly in favor on ID cards. Let’s see them impose that on Crossmaglen!!

    I would prefer the DUP over these guys anyday.

    As least we can be glad that they are both concerned about the civil liberties of foxes.