No representation without taxation…

Newton Emerson notes how the British Secretary of State has turned an old addage on its head, and has ‘put it up’ to our local representatives, that having the cake and eating it cannot go on indefinately. Although, if some of the compromises currently being raised are true, he suspects that we have a continuance of ‘a war of the two donkeys’, with the ‘extremes’ closing down anything political that moves in the middle.

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  • lonelibertarian

    I’ve always a good way of trying to wean Joe Public off the populist economic policy teat around these parts would be to entirely scrap subvention. Whilst we were at it, we could also bin the assembly, the commmission for equal equality and other such nonsense and devolve everything to the super councils. The ingenious part would be for tax setting powers for the councils to be decided by referendum, with no government bail-out if a council were to run over budget. Councils would be forced to only spend what the electorate had chosen to give them.

    This might have a chance of moving the debate from the angels-on-a-pinhead constitutional question to more mundane matters such as the economy. People might start crossing sectarian lines when they see how damaging (for example) SF’s far left economic policies would be to their bottom line.

  • IJP

    Actually the Alliance Party did call for tax-varying powers in its 2003 manifesto and that remains the view.

    But then, since Alliance is the only Assembly party committed to ‘real politics’, we shouldn’t be surprised…

  • I thought it was interesting that the UUP recently endorsed the SNP’s call for the devolved assemblies to have the power to vary Corporation Tax.