MPs for the NHS

This is a petition aimed at MPs in Westminster to get them to promise that they will not use private Healthcare. They have got some to sign, mostly Lib Dems and Labour. None of Northern Ireland’s MPs have so far signed, sitting or non sitting.

  • Keith M

    This take begrudgery to anotyher level. Wjhat next, commit to sending your kids to the local comprehensive? Only use public transport?

    MPs are generally hard working (putting in working hours FAR above the national average). They earn their money and in a democracy they should be allowed to spend it as they please.

  • J Kelly

    ok they should be allowed to spend their money how they like but dont tell the rest of us that its the best health service in the world, if its the best health service then use it

  • Occasional Commentator

    Are those same MPs going to insist on setting up a state run Food Service and eating only food from it? Will they refuse to read anything other than the BBC for news?

    Even the NHS has always made extensive use of the private sector. For example, do the NHS make their own vehicles out of materials mined in NHS mines?

    Will those same people who set up this petition also refuse to buy anything from a chemist unless it’s prescribed by an NHS doctor? If not, they are selectively making use of the private sector when it suits them.

    And where are the state owned drug companies?

    The belief that hospitals, nurses and doctors should be state owned and employed, but everything else can be private is arbitrary and absurd.

  • smcgiff

    Only government MPs should be asked to sign it, and then probably only cabinet ministers.

    The rest have F all say in the running of the NHS.

  • Henry94

    In the NHS was good there would be no need to bully or embarrass MPs into using it.

    This confirms what the NHS actually is, a political sacred cow.

  • J Kelly

    point taken

  • Harry Flashman

    What an absolute impertinence! Mind yer own bloody business, MP’s just like the rest of society are perfectly entitled to use their money for whatever legal purpose they so desire.

    The NHS is a bloated, state run, bureacratic monster which no one has the courage to slay.

    Let Tesco run the health service they seem to be the last efficient, capable organisation who actually succeed in their proscribed tasks left in the entire United Kingdom.

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Yes, Harry but Tesco’s own brand goods are just not up to the standard of Sainsbury’s, let’s be honest. Pay a few pence more and have better quality. Yes it is a beauracratic nightmare, a sacred cow etc but it’s the only one you’re gonna get. Would you prefer to have your own insurance policies? I would, I can afford it – but I’d still like to have 24 hour ED free at the point of delivery when my car crashes or I have my coronary without having to show my credit card at the door. Last time I looked this was a democracy of sorts and if MP’s want private insurance for them and their families that is their call – this is a health confidentiality issue of sorts if you ask me.

    Efficiency is beginning to bite now after the investment has gone in here on the mainland – job cuts and balancing budgets are the first step but it is getting better.

    The service is improving, there is still lots to do; first step being investment in emergency services in NI to implement the 4 hour rule as in the rest of the UK ED’s – that would be a tangible difference for the community.

  • Declan Walsh

    This isn’t about begrudgery, its about politicians being principled and their constituents having a right to demand that they act in accordance with their rhetoric.

    If the UUP want to privatise the NHS and that is their policy, then fine, they can use private health care and not contradict themselves.

    However if the parties have policies that support the NHS then they should NOT be saying one thing and doing another when it comes to their health.

    Bit of “doing as i say not as i do” for some of those not willing to sign!

    Personally I think all politicians should sign this; might make them more likely to support the NHS. Its a good way of seeing which parties would run it into the ground if they had the chance.

    If its good enough for the poorest person in society then it should be good enough for that persons elected representative.

  • esmereldavillalobos

    This is madness – new thread please?

  • esmereldavillalobos

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