And don’t forget our agents?

And here’s another query from a Hampshire based Tory MP:

Dr Julian Lewis (New Forest East):To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, if he will review the adequacy of the arrangements for the permanent protection of former undercover agents in the republican movement.

A serious question given the gruesome end faced by the last publicly outed British agent within the Republican movement.


  • mickhall

    It would be interesting to know what those arrangements actually consist of. I wonder if our resident former military spook has any info on this?

    What joy spring brings.

  • Nevin

    The offer of safety in a holiday home in Donegal should probably be turned down, Mick F, no matter who made it.

  • ingram


    In broad terms a house , income , new Id( Ni No Passport etc)The choice of location is an individual one but can innclude ex colonies.

    Takes a fair while to get together so costs incurred are taken into account when final bill presented to Home Office.

    Some individuals like My mate Carlin has received THREE PACKAGES , Marty McGartland TWO and Raymond Gilmour Two.


  • Not Nocent

    I suppose it would be best to have been fairly inconspicuous in your day to day life.

    Alternatively, if you sported a heavy beard and abundant hair, might shaving that off provide some degree of cover, d’ye think ?

  • GWB

    How many you had? I’d pick a colony myself….maybe Anguilla.

  • Not Nocent

    Anguilla -Is that the one with the triangular stamps?

  • ingram

    Or Ireland?

  • mickhall

    Thanks ‘martin’

    Is it considered a debt of honor to see these people right, or are they regarded as a dam nuisance. Plus would the fact that Mr Donaldson was murdered be seen by the spooks as a defeat for them which sends out a poor message to anyone considering to become a tout. Or is there another angle they may see it from, i e if he had stayed with MI5/who-ever he would still be alive.

    best regards.

  • páid

    interesting to note that the guy who is worrying about some of his constituents is the member for New Forest East. I would have thought that leaf cover would be starting to make things easier.

  • ingram


    It is more than a debt of honour! it is a legal obligation, a contract is entered into by both parties. This premise is currently being debated and explored before the courts.

    The judge has stated to date that is it not Unreasonable to expect the authorities to make good their offer ie to look after someone if they are compromised.

    The issue though is a large one> How much and to what extent do you protect someone.

    I know of no standard package, it really is a case of face fits etc and personalities involved.

    Clearly any Agent who is whacked acts as a disincentive to work BUT the motivation can over ride this fear so I would say it would have little or no long term affect to Agent Handling.

    My understanding is he turned to down a offer, Freddy chose to take his and the contrast in decisions is stark and life lasting.


  • mickhall

    Thanks ‘martin’ very interesting.

  • bag’oshite

    i had the msifortune of reading mcgartlands 50 dead men walking. what a load of shit. what is is with these paid informers thinking they are on some cloak and dagger mission. they are touts plain and simple and should be dealt with accordingly. who cares who killed donaldson he should have done the decent thing and pulled the trigger himself.