Britons put fun and work before babies…

Though the UK birth rate is on a rally from its 2001 low of 1.63, an ICM poll in the Guardian suggests that having babies come a poor third to earning money and having a good time. Survey pitched the option of having children against, by turns, making money and having a good time. I’m not a hundred per cent certain of the methodology, since having children may inimical to the former option, it is highly complementary to the latter. But then what do I know? I’m just a grumpy old forty something!

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  • Henry94

    We’re not the fortunate ones,
    And girls,
    They wanna have fu-un.
    Just wanna have fun.

    Cyndi Lauper

    I was startled in successive weeks to hear from both Dutch and English acquaintances that they’ve begun going out “covered”. The Dutch lady lives in a rough part of Amsterdam and says, when you’re on the street in Islamic garb, the Muslim men smile at you respectfully instead of jeering at you as an infidel whore. The English lady lives in a swank part of London but says pretty much the same thing. Both felt there was not just a physical but a psychological security in being dressed Muslim. They’re not “reverts”, but, at least for the purposes of padding the public space, they’re passing for Muslim in public.

    Mary Steyn

    I’ve seen the future brother, it is murder

    Leonard Cohen

  • Jo

    Children bring a different type of happiness – call it genetic fulfilment, whatever.

    The emptiness of filling your time with endless alcohol and boring TV only becomes apparent when raising a human being from blank sheet to an engaging stimulating and stimulated human being.

  • Rory

    On a number of occasions the best fun I ever had resulted in the conception and eventual birth of children. This, despite the new found responibility, turned out to be even greater fun and has provided me with blessed fun loving companions into my greying years.

    Perhaps they’re not doing it right.

    Once on a long train journey with my daughter, then aged about 8, she looked up from her puzzle book and in a loud stage whisper, audible to all nearby (and increasingly fascinated) fellow passengers, asked,

    “Dad, do you know what a condom is?”

    “Er, yes, darling”,

    I replied, the imperturbable, sophisticated yet kindly modern dad.

    “Cos, well dad, Jemima found one in the school yard”.


    ” They’re just for stopping you getting AIDS, isn’t that right, dad?”.

    “Well, yes dear, they are used for that”.

    “Cos Jemima said you use them for stopping having babies as well”.

    “Well”, I replied as much for the benefit of the rapt audience as for my daughter, “Yes, they are used for that as well”.

    And quick as wink she shot back,

    “But that’s silly, dad. That’s why you do it in the first place”.

    The audience smiled in delight and had there been a papal nuncio among them I am sure I would be a papal count today.

  • bag’oshite

    after looking up at great time and expense geographical and demographical papers dealing with birth rates i have come to the conclusion that it is more fun to make the babies than bring the bastards up. if brits are so worried about the increase in birth rate 2 words should make them decide what to do. they are abortion and repatriation