Got to be a slow news day, so here’s one of my favorites in the Flickr NI group of pictures. This one is from Plastic Jesus, who reckons it’s his Cartier-Bresson moment. It looks like it’s taken on the Waterside in Derry. Not everything in Northern Ireland relates obsessively to politics – I guess?

  • Occasional Commentator

    Not everything in Northern Ireland relates obsessively to politics – I guess?

    His action might still be related to politics – “themmuns might be taking our women”


  • Busty Brenda

    Very good!!!! I just added them to my favourates. A little piece of info tho, if you ring 0800 360 380 you will get thru to witch magazine who are doing a promotion for a little booklet about the web, and three free issues of the magazine plus you will get a free digital camera which doubles as a web camera. All the promotion costs is £3. The camera will hold up to 79 pics, with very good quality, and you can send pics and little movies on it in an e mail, and store your pics on the disc. It’s absolutely brilliant for all or any camera users who would like it. It has a little stand and delay mechanisim stuff like that.

    Just thought I’d give you the heads up.

  • Busty Brenda

    sorry number is 0800 380 380

  • fair_deal

    Is the fourth fella not doing lookout for the peelers?

    Also on a technical point, when painting kerbstones three colours squads of three is the handiest to keep the pattern right (or so I am told ;))

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin

    Thanks for the insight FD. I’m not sure that guy has his mind on the job though!

  • Canadian

    Difference in cultures.

    You guys up in NI paint curbs and we across the pond wax curbs!!! (to skateboard on).

  • Sean

    Aye Canadian but we are giving our Skaters a more colourful experience.

  • Canadian

    I’m sure the boys would be none to pleased have’n someone skate their colourful curbs!!!

  • Sean

    If only crow, lol

  • Mick Fealty

    Very good. Had to blog it before bed!

  • Rory

    You are all reading it wrong. It is “high class” gay erotica for the titillation of the old UDA squad who now, sans power, must rely on memory.

    Don’t have to be Brian Sewell to interpret that, surely?

  • skinbop

    looks like lincoln courts right?
    and thats a transvestite if i am not mistaken.

  • Doot

    Is it just my colour blindness or have they botched that up?

    Look again.

    (right to left)It goes red, white, blue, red, nuhhin, blue, white…

    surely the last “white” should be “red” or is this a structured reasoning red herring that used to torture me in primary school?