Saving us from the sins of Sunday football

The Irish Football Association has covered itself in glory again. It seems like the King Canute brigade in local football have won the battle to prevent Sunday football– for a while at least- after the Association’s EGM was adjourned until the Autumn on Thursday night. Chief Executive Howard Wells summed it up best when he remarked, “I never am suprised at anything that happens within the IFA…”In a perfect contrast, last night saw the latest in a line of Setanta Sports live broadcasts from an Eircom league stadium. The move to Summer football, with Friday night and Sunday fixtures has proved a financial success for the game outside of the north. Whilst FAI teams are attracting larger crowds and moving towards (if not already) professional status, there appears to be a staid reluctance on behalf of far too many involved with local football in the north to take the necessary steps to progress the game in the modern era.