Saving us from the sins of Sunday football

The Irish Football Association has covered itself in glory again. It seems like the King Canute brigade in local football have won the battle to prevent Sunday football– for a while at least- after the Association’s EGM was adjourned until the Autumn on Thursday night. Chief Executive Howard Wells summed it up best when he remarked, “I never am suprised at anything that happens within the IFA…”In a perfect contrast, last night saw the latest in a line of Setanta Sports live broadcasts from an Eircom league stadium. The move to Summer football, with Friday night and Sunday fixtures has proved a financial success for the game outside of the north. Whilst FAI teams are attracting larger crowds and moving towards (if not already) professional status, there appears to be a staid reluctance on behalf of far too many involved with local football in the north to take the necessary steps to progress the game in the modern era.

  • The IFA is an anachronism- it doesn’t justify its own existence, and doesn’t fit in with the modern game or indeed modern society. The Sunday question, the playing of God Save The Queen, the requirement to carry a British passport, the fact that it is no surprise to see a range of NI football flags bedecking the loyalist ‘One Stop Ulster Shop’ down Sandy Row- it all adds up to a narrow and exclusive (in the negative sense) sporting movement.

    Until it amalgamates with the FAI to bring about a quality of game on the island that will start to rival that on mainland Europe, it will remain an irrelevance.

  • Moyle Rover

    If the ifa backwoods men want to remain in a time warp that is up to them. Simply withdraw the estimated £8million proposed government funding and give it to Rugby, Hockey GAA etc. Also forget about the new stadium at the maze and invest the money in ravenhill and casement part in belfast. The NI soccer team will not need a stadium as they are outside the fifa rulebook and will no longer be eligible to play international soccer

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Hark my brethren, heed these words, lest dark days befall ye:

    ‘And on the sabbath day, no footie shalt thy play, no swings shalt thy youngsters swing on and thy shalt not covet thy neighbour’s ass, no matter how fine.’

  • “The Sunday question”
    Ridiculous and must be changed, but still (as has been suggested by some in the past) doesn’t discriminate against any group.

    “the playing of God Save The Queen”
    Propose something better then. They’re supposedly holding a competition.

    “the requirement to carry a British passport”
    A measure taken by FIFA, along with tightening residency requirements, in response to some teams throwing money at foreign players to effectively buy a national team – it has sweet FA to do witht the IFA (no pun intended).

    “the fact that it is no surprise to see a range of NI football flags bedecking the loyalist ‘One Stop Ulster Shop’ down Sandy Row”
    Still FA to do with the IFA. For all I know the shop could be selling chewing gum as well.

    “Until it amalgamates with the FAI”
    And there we reach the agenda behind your complaints. Nothing to do with football and everything to do with politics.

  • Nevin

    [i]Chief Executive Jim Wells[/i]

    Have you been DUPed, Chris? The CE is Howard Wells.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Oops Nevin- Clearly a freudian slip…

  • slug

    Is this a discussion about the Sabbatarian aspects of the protestantism, or about NI football? I am of the view that NI football needs a bit of leadership and work on making the games more attractive to attend, but whether that involves playing them on Sunday I am unclear. There is some experimentation with Friday evening games going on. I think King Canute is probably a useful reference for those of us who have some sympathy for those who want to keep Sunday special, at least to a moderate extent. There are very powerful forces against us. Currently there is a big push on from the supermarket groups and groups like B&Q to further liberalise trading hours, on Sundays, and for trading to be allowed on Easter Sunday. I think, because I think society should reflect some of our religious values, that these changes should be resisted. The Outer Hebrides recently had their first Cal Mac ferry service on Sunday, and the strength of opposition to that should help people to see that in the Presbyterian tradition we have a strong attachment to the traditional Sabbath. Although it is all a matter of degree and I have never been one to take it so far that I would oppose ferry services. Basically I want to keep Sunday as it is. Of course I can’t impose that, I have to make the case for a day that is different from the other days of the week, in a way that can be compelling for people of any faith or none. I don’t have a strong view on Sunday football, but would urge people not to sneer at those who oppose it for religious reasons.

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Sorry Slug but there is absolutely nothing in the bible forbidding recreation on the sabbath, whether you consider that day to be Saturday or Sunday. And even if there were, it is entirely a matter of personal interpretation and choice.
    Certainly if you and your fellow travellers wish to refrain from shopping, sport or working on a Sunday that’s a matter for yourselves, but religious views such as this have no place in a modern society. The republic has just emerged from the nightmare of misplaced religious deference and we only need mention the word Taliban to illustrate where this sort of stuff can ultimately take us.
    Hold your views by all means, but don’t impose them on the rest of us.

  • jim

    I don’t really know what all the fuss is about.

    Very few attend irish league football games in comparison to other sports so the impact is negligable, at best.

  • Thomas aquinas

    Sundays are for two groups of people.
    The Protestants who sit and contemplate how righteous they are and how they are lucky to belong to a sect that allows you to put one of those rubber thingies on their dick.
    Then there are the Catholics, who, when they’re not playing football, sit around feeling guilty because they’ve put one of those rubber thingies on their dick and had sex after mass.

  • Gerry – there is however mention in the bible about not working on the Sabbath and unlike Gaelic games, which are amateur in the literal sense of the word, Irish League footballers are only amateurs in terms of their abilities. Since they get paid, they are working.

    NOW… to my mind (as an atheist) that still isn’t reason to ban football matches on a Sunday, but let’s at least debate the actual issues.

  • Thomas aquinas

    And, by the way, for those who can count to seven, the Sabbath is Saturday and there does seem to be an awful lot of soccer played on that day.

  • esmereldavillalobos


    You’re perilously close to invoking Hamill’s Law

  • Hamill’s Law

    Sorry guys

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    ”NOW… to my mind (as an atheist) that still isn’t reason to ban football matches on a Sunday, but let’s at least debate the actual issues.”

    Well first of all Beano, as pointed out elsewhere, the sabbath day is technically Saturday, but assuming that we pretend it’s Sunday, the ‘keep Sunday special’ crew would be much better employed picketing the supermarkets on Sunday afternoons, throwing paint at cinema attendants and smashing up restaurants, since all of them employ infinitely more workers than the paltry numbers involved in local soccer.

    Quite frankly, I see no issues to debate. The Norn Iron team needs all the help it can get and if scrapping some archaic Sunday rule is going to help things even marginally, then it should be done. All this twaddle about how some ultra-conservative Christians interpret the obscure scribblings of some bloke from several thousand years ago shouldn’t have any bearing on whether we get to play or watch football.

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    ”I for one will enjoy watching some cricket tomorrow in the rather less fundamentalist state of “Essex” – weather permitting of course…”

    Sounds great esme, though on the subject of the Taliban, now that more people are reportedly attending British mosques than C of E churches, does this mean that (assuming the views of the religious majority are enshrined in law), we can expect to see Sharia law being adopted in certain parts of England’s green and pleasant land?

  • Doubting Thomas

    Do religious ministers work on Sunday?
    Do ultra-conservative fanatics go the Emergency room on Sundays if they get injured when they fall to their knees praising the Lord.

  • “The Norn Iron team needs all the help it can get and if scrapping some archaic Sunday rule is going to help things even marginally, then it should be done.”

    Agree completely.

    For the record, I don’t agree with the Sunday Football ban, so don’t expect me to defend it, I’m only pointing out flaws in earlier arguments.

    Re the sabbath thing, I know (I think I know anyway) Christians changed it to Sunday because of Easter, but other than that I have neither the time nor inclination to explore or debate which is the ‘real’ sabbath. I don’t think it’s really possible to say for certain which day God created the heaven and the earth on – I certainly don’t remember that bit in Genesis where it gave the day of the week – although I suppose I’m wandering OT just a little bit so I’ll stop.

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    ”I don’t think it’s really possible to say for certain which day God created the heaven and the earth on – I certainly don’t remember that bit in Genesis where it gave the day of the week”

    LOL. I have a fundamentalist friend who reckons you can work out the exact day of creation by extrapolating lots of ‘facts’ from the bible. He’s currently working on the day of judgement.
    Bizarrely he doesn’t advocate Sunday observance as it’s ‘unbiblical.’ Beam me up Scotty.

  • Doubting Thomas

    “And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.” Genesis 2:2-3

    Which day is the Sabbath?

    Look up the Seventh-Day in a dictionary and you will find that it says Saturday the Sabbath. Please note that many of the most recent editions of popular dictionaries have adjusted their definitions to hide this fact.”The seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God.” Exodus 20:10. “And when the sabbath was past, …very early in the morning the first day of the week, they came unto the sepulchre.” Mark 16:1,2.

    The Sabbath is not the first day of the week (Sunday), as many believe, but the seventh day (Saturday). Notice from the above Scripture that the Sabbath is the day that comes just before the first day of the week.

  • Copernicus

    The Origins of the Days of the Week

    Sunday – Sun Day
    Monday – Moon day
    Tuesday – Tiw’s day Nordic god of law)
    Wednesday – Woden’s day
    Thursday – Thor’s day
    Friday – Frie’s day
    Saturday Saturn’s day

    The week of seven days was adopted in Rome somewhere about 400 AD, and spread into Europe, but had been recognized as a period of time long before that in the east. It was probably chosen to give one day each to each of the seven planets known in antiquity. In the southern countries of Europe, the days of the week were named after the gods of the Greeks and Romans. In the English language, as well as in the languages of some of the countries of northern Europe, the gods of the north have given their names to the days.

    The Ashanti and some other peoples of West Africa gave a child a special name according to the day of the week on which he was born. The habit was brought to the American South and Caribbean through slavery, where names such as Quashee (Sunday), Cudjo (Monday) and Cufee (Friday) were common.
    Monday’s child is fair of face,
    Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
    Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
    Thursday’s child has far to go,
    Friday’s child is loving and giving,
    Saturday’s child works hard for a living,
    But the child that works hard on the Sabbath Day,
    is blithe and bonny, good and gay

  • willis

    Surely the appropriate thing is for the IFA to split along theological grounds.

    The IFA could accept sunday football and continue in a relationship with UEFA and FIFA.

    The Reformed Evangelical IFA could break away and not associate with any other football associations. In that way they would not be corrupted. They might be able to have friendly matches against North Korea and Afghanistan, but mostly they would spend their time picketing Windsor Park.

  • hen

    While the fundamentalist ‘never on a sunday brigade’within the ifa seem to have won the day during the ifa agm, the alleged match fixing allegations within the irish league have continued to surface.

    After Paddy Power had stopped all betting on an irsh league game last week due to ‘rregular betting patterns’,another bookmakers again today suspended all betting on 3 games, due to the same reasons.

    On the park and off the park the whole association seems to be a mickey mouse outfit.

  • Heavy Traffic

    Don’t often post here, but have to have my tuppence worth … I was entitled to attend the IFA EGM, but didn’t, because despite the opportunity to vote for Sunday football I just can’t bring myself to give legitimacy to the long-discredited IFA.

    I don’t want to get into a Sabbatarian debate either, except to say that I object to a small but vocal minority telling me how I should live my life.

    It may well be that Sunday football won’t work for the local game, and goodness knows they’ve experimented with every other day of the week.

    Other clubs will have bigger problems reaching the ground criteria that are required if we are to have any chance of bringing people back to the game, but its unlikely, when there are so many other attractions available.

    For me, however, the most compelling reason for Sunday football is that Northern Ireland players are already doing it – or would be, if they could qualify. International players are compelled to play on a Sunday if a fixture is scheduled – and Northern Ireland internationals are registered under the same IFA rules and regulations as the players I sign for my club. Therefore, there really should be no need for a vote – a ratification would do!

    Since the Football Task Force produced its recommendations – which were intended to be binding on the people who run football in Northern Ireland – the dinosaurs of the IFA (Terry Pateman being the oldest and biggest) will continue to stymie efforts to democratise and modernise the game.

    If there are any votes to be taken, they should be to render the old guard extinct once and for all.

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  • joe

    * 100% cotton (exclusive of trimmings)

    Do the trimmings have a ‘no surrender’ add on ?

  • missfitz

    I no more want to get into this debate, but no one seems to have stated the obvious.

    The tale of creation was told in the Old Testament, right?
    And the Old Testament pre-dates Christianity, and is what the Jewish people partly base their faith on, right?

    And based on the biblical story the Jews observe Saturday as Shabbath?

    So the day of rest is Saturday?

  • JoeCanuck


    See comment 20

  • missfitz

    So it is Joe, I could have kept my opinion to myself!
    It really is a rediculous debate though, in this day and age. Who cares what people do on their day off? In a secular society?

  • JoeCanuck


    Right on. Nobody has the right to dictate to others what they do with their free time. So long as they are not infringing on the rights of others. And I don’t think that the ability to be offended by others enjoying their free time is a “right”.

  • JoeCanuck

    Forgot to mention:
    JoeCanuck is the previous poster Joe since there is now another Joe posting (comment 26)

  • trueulsterman

    The IFA would do anything to facilitate the catholic community who play bog ball and worship the pope of rome. Bending over backwards to the “unwashed beggars” beggars belief (if you excuse my clever pun in the queen’s english!)

    Its time that Ulster football in the province went back to its protestant roots. Keep the sunday ban and hand out union flags and ulster flags to all fans and make a big union flag like they did at ibrox during the cl matches. Why should we have fenians (Neil Lennon et al) in the team when they dont want to respect our law abiding british way of life?? They carry foreign passports and disgrace us at international venues, would we let players travel with ugandan passports? Ridiculous.

    Windsor Park in 93 was a great atmosphere when the catholics bowed their heads in fear, lets bring back a time like that. Its time for the IFA, UDA, UVF, DUP and UUP to form an alliance and show them who’s boss. Jim Boyce is chairman of Cliftonville, can he be trusted to run the IFA and keep ulster british when he is related to an unapologetic provo team??

    No to Sunday football!
    No to catholics in the Ulster team!!

  • Harry

    Do we really want to get rid of the concept of a day of rest as a community event, all in the name of consumerism? Is our future one of complete atomisation of community structures and the sense of ritual that comes with it in order to ‘flatten things out’? Can a concept from a religious milieu not evolve into a common appreciation of the day of rest in a secular future? Is our future to be solely decided by removing every sign of anything philosophical, even when potentially secular, in the name of an everyday sameness?

    So what rituals are left to us? Attending football matches where we join in chants and experience, collectively, the highs and lows of the game, for one. Others?
    Is there no room for accomodating those who feel, in significant number, that Sunday is special, so that they too may join in with the games, rather than insisting they ‘get with the times’?
    I wonder how the locals in Pennsylvania organise sports with their neighbours the Amish?

  • raven

    Well said


    Your views are probably very representative of many who try to mask their sectarianism through the smokescreen of ‘football for all’ within the irish football league fraternity.

    At least you are honest.

  • JoeCanuck

    So, if you for some reason, you leave your house on a Sunday (perhaps to go to church?) and end up by being hit by an automobile (you wouldn’t ever think of driving your own car, of course), you wouldn’t go to the hospital for treatment because the people working there are evil sinners.

  • At least I am honest and love my country, my religion and my national team and its PROTESTANT identity. Catholics can go off and play bogball down in mickland. They can’t even afford to pay GAA players!!

    Appeasing hellbent rc’s aint the answer, that is PC gone mad. Read this for the true solution to ulster’s problems. Click on my sig for the tru solution to the uk biggest annoyance, the irish menace.

    No to the Setanta Cup.
    Rename the Irish League the Ulster League.
    No to catholic football players in Ulster.

  • tot

    just to say trure ulsterman is about as representive of NI football fans as the womans coalition are of ni politics….

  • I say what I feel and my views are shared by most Ulster supporters that I know. We are well aware of what catholics are trying to do to our team. Never trust a taig in a NI top. Enough is enough. No more mo johnstons!

  • penelope

    “Never trust a taig in a NI top.”

    I don’t trust anyone who wears a football top, especially those for whom it is their idea of being well dressed on a night out. Not really fashionable, you know.

    “No more mo johnstons!”

    Who’s that? Is she famous?

  • trueulsterman = raven?

    Either way it’s probably a good sign that Northern Ireland’s detractors feel they must resort to coming on pretending to be fans so they can have a go. It just means FFA is (slowly) working.

  • Penelope

    mmm seems there is another Penelope about… twasn’t me who posted above!!!! *odd*

  • Penelope

    BTW here in the States Sunday sport is no big deal… in fact it’s often looked upon as an essential part of enjoying one’s *day of rest*.

    If one chooses not to participate on Sunday’s due to religious reasons no one bats an eye here as long as they don’t try to impose thier will on others… the attitude is one of “live and let live”… oh sure we have fiery fundalmentalists here too but they tend to be lost in the massive culture that is the US… perhaps the problem of being in such a wee province such as NI is that it doesn’t take too many voices to stir things up and get everyone to bickering.

    As an outsider loving an Ulster lad who is a HUGE football fan (who looks damn cute in his football tops i must say) I’ve learned a lot of about how football forms identity and community… much more intensely than here in the States.

    I think many in the US and Europe would wonder what the fuss over Sunday games is all about.

  • “I think many in the US and Europe would wonder what the fuss over Sunday games is all about.”

    There’s many of us here wondering what all the fuss is about too, and that seems to include the majority of NI football fans at OurWeeCountry who are less than impressed with the IFA at the best of times, but moreso after this fiasco.

  • iluvni

    ‘Heavy traffic’ had the opportunity to go to the EGM, but didn’t, yet he comes onto slugger and rants about what changes are needed.
    Truly pathetic.
    It’s idiots like him, who have the opportunity to effect the change, and then dont turn up to vote against the Patemans of this world who are to blame for the mess.

    And then we have El Matador making a few token comments before we get to yawnsville as usual: you arent getting your all-Ireland football team. NI fans arent interested in it.

  • I am no raven Beano. Coming on here and pretending you do not share my views. I have read you piece of shit weblog. If you are typical of one of the faithful down at Windsor Park you share my views. Nobody believes you pretence at being middle of the road. You share my views any everyone knows it. I speak the truth. If anyone of you taigs dares venture in to Windsor Park, you should look out for all the UDA.UVF tatoos about the place, ie most people there. You may not get out alive but you will realise Beano “Mr we want taigs” is talking through his rectum.

    Damn right we are not interested in playing for an all ireland team. We used to have one which was based in BELFAST and was dominated by PROTESTANTS. Thats why the FAI set up the Mick XI down in bog land.

    NI is a team for PROTESTANTS. Why cant you micks get that?

    Remember Windsor 93. Remember PROTESTANT big Billy Bingham stoking up the fans. Remember having the PROTESTANT Royal Ulster Constabulary to put those inferior micks in ther place. Lets get that atmosphere again. NO TAIGS IN ULSTER. KEEP ULSTER BRITISH.

    The IFA is a PROTESTANT organisation for a PROTESTANT team for a PROTESTANT people. Why do you think we play God Save the Queen instead of normal anthems like those Welsh/Scottish traitors?

    Because we are a BRITISH PROTESTANT team. We want the world to know our loyalty to the Queen of England, we are NOT IRISH, and we don’t want micks abouit the place. Thats why Satan build Casement Park, for all those micks up in andytown.

    Never appease micks. This is what must happen in the IFA:

    1. Change the countr’s hame to ulster and the national team as well
    2. Change the colour of the shirt to royal blue
    3. Change the logo to the ulster flag (true ulster flag not the29 county” mick one) with the union jack in the corner
    4. Take all catholics out of the team and ban them from playing or participating in any team in the province
    5. Ban Cliftonville and Donegal Celtic and other Catholic teams. Derry City should be closed and the brandywell raised to the ground or given to institute.
    6. Withdraw our clubs from the evil Setanta mick cup and boycott Setanta sports
    7. Use government funds to redevelop windsor park. No to sharing grounds with terrorist GAA and camogie players
    8. Let UVF/UFF into the crowd to create a bit of an atmosphere as in ’93. We remember the songs. Wasnt it great to be an ulsterman that night! The micks were on the run. They even had to fly in from dublin on paddy airlines such was their fear! Haha. We showed the world the true (blue) nature of NI fans that night. Hopefully they will never be back.
    9. Invite the queen over to present the teams. No doubt she is impressed with the loyalty we show her. You are very welcome ma’am. A great PROTESTANT lady.
    10. No sunday football. Its not our fault the taigs dont believe in god enough to ban bogball on the sabbath. If they dont like the ban, GO AND LIVE IN THE REPUBLIC. This is BRITISH ULSTER. THE NI TEAM DOES NOT NEED MICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stand up for the Ulstermen.

  • willis

    Quick question

    Do Rangers play on Sunday?

    Were they forced into it by the GAA?

  • willis


    I notice that your website has ads for Irish Dancing. Are you not being a little hypocritical.

  • Harry

    Presumably trueulsterman is a wind up. At least I hope so.

  • willis

    Click on his name.

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Just refrain from feeding the troll folks…

  • willis

    Is that another banned Sunday Sport?

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Boom, and indeed, boom.


    See above, even the orange order agree with my ivison for the future. Check the bottom link. And you call me a troll.
    Just representing the true voice of Orangeism and how much WE HATE ALL CATHOLICS!!!!!!!!! All us orangemen will get you taigs!! WE are orange, WE are superior. No fenians in Ulster.

    Billy Wright RIP

  • Dr.Who

    I think this troll’s favourite toy must be his dalek outfit.

  • My views are that of the proud Orange Orders. See the link. DOn’t shoot the messenger either. Next thing you will be saying that the OO are a bigotted sectarian organisation living in the past. Typical pan-nationalist propaganda.

    No taigs in ulster.
    Bring back the B-Specials.
    Union Jacks on every building.

  • Just took a dander past the South Belfast Northern Ireland Supporters Club. The place was packed out with lovely fellows sporting various flute band uniforms, many of whom were betattooed with charming UDA tattoos. Oh how I felt I could stroll in there for a tasty pint, safe in the knowledge that nationalists are more than welcome in their orange watering hole. And to think that some people argue that NI football and all its attendant trappings are sectrian- perish the thought!

  • willis


    Love the website. Things must be worse in the OO than previously suspected. Who is the brains behind it?

  • Heavy Traffic

    iluvni says I’m pathetic because I didn’t turn up to the EGM to vote against the people I was “ranting” at.

    For your information, iluvni, I’m not given to ranting. Can you tell me exactly what would have been achieved by turning up, seeing as the meeting lasted all of five minutes?

    Do you realise how soul-destroying it is to have to turn up to meetings time and time again only to be frustrated by these dinosaurs? Would you want to lend them credibility?

    And “Our Wee Country” could do an awful lot for Football For All by refraining from using terms such as beggars and gypsies when referring to ROI supporters …

  • Gypsies and beggars. Thats what you all are. Do you think we ACTUALLY want taigs about the place?
    Some of those stupid micks actually think we PROTESTANT NI supporters care for their presence. GO HOME MICKS!!!!! GO HOME!! WE dont want a ecumenical team. WE ARE LOYAL TO THE PROTESTANT QUEEN OF ENGLAND. Thats why we play her anthem instead of getting one which micks would like.

    PS I am glad you like the site Willis, at least you know what we in the Orange Order are truly about. I look forward to marching through one of your papist ghettos soon so that your children know that 315 years ago a PROTESTANT king beat a TAIG one. Thats what being an Orangeman is all about, to remind you taigs that over 300 years ago we won a battle. The 5 fingered salute in the Orrmeau Road, I knew that guy. A legend.

    PPS Rev Kennaway is wrong. There ARENT ENOUGH LOYALIST KILLERS in the Orange Order. And taigs think it is disrespectful to the bible to have paramilitaries in the OO. There arent enough!!


    The IFA should stop wasting Protestant money in Catholic areas with their football for all treachery. Football for true believers, bogball for papists.

  • mac

    Why do n.i supporters call those who support the other team on the island ‘beggars’.

    I noticed they have been selling ‘we hate beggars’ badges on e bay.

    The owc website seems to be full of politics.

    It’s almost like a political movement rather than a football discussion board ???

  • Pattila the Hun

    El Matador,

    You’ve stated before on another site that you had a bad experience with your family at a NI match in the past. You were asked to tell us which match it was- you didn’t reply.

    Now you tell us about goings on at the
    “South Belfast Northern Ireland Supporters Club”.

    Now, where exactly is this premises?
    What time did you just happen to be “dandering by?”-day and hour will be sufficient.

    “The place was packed out with lovely fellows sporting various flute band uniforms, many of whom were betattooed with charming UDA tattoos.”

    “Various” band uniforms?, interesting- you must have been a brave boy indeed to take the time out to check that there was more than one “band” in attendance.

    And you were also close enough to be able to inspect their UDA tattoos? Well,well.

    Little word of advice El Mat, if you don’t want to make yourself look foolish in the future, at least make your stories plausible.

    You don’t like NI fans, fine, that’s your right. I don’t like a lot of bigotry that goes on in GAA and Celtic Supporter Clubs. But I don’t feel the need to tell lies about them.

    Join the rest of us back on Planet Reality and let’s fight sectarianism and racism in Sport together…or would that not fit in your own political agenda?

  • Al Tilley, the bum

    Isn’t it ironic that there are people who cannot recognize sarcasm in others yet can still spout it out.

  • Pattila the Hun

    Al Tilley, my Chum,
    What a curious comment.
    Whether I can recognise El Mat’s sarcasm or not is irrelevant(and in any case, not at all ironic).

    El Mat made a serious allegation, which I have asked for him to back up with hard facts.

    If he doesn’t, then he is no different to all the other anti-NI fantasists and assorted nutcases who use these kind of threads as an outlet for expressing their own bigotry.

  • Webster

    ironic: humorously sarcastic or mocking (Example: “An ironic remark often conveys an intended meaning obliquely”)

  • smcgiff

    We’ve needed a ‘trueulsterman’ character about the place for some time. Good to have the odd screen spiter every now and then.

  • Realist

    Northern Ireland’s next international fixture is against Uruguay in New Jersey on SUNDAY 21st May.

    Seems like the Sunday ban doesn’t really matter when there’s money to be had eh?

  • Patilla the Hun

    “ironic: humorously sarcastic or mocking”

    Thanks for the definition Webster.
    I think the key word there is “humorously”.

  • smcgiff

    GSTQ, TrueUlsterman.

  • Mike

    “Trueulsterman” – trolling isn’t big and it isn’t clever.

    Especially when it’s so blatantly obvious as yours…

  • Mike

    El Matador –

    “Until it amalgamates with the FAI to bring about a quality of game on the island that will start to rival that on mainland Europe, it will remain an irrelevance.”

    An irrelevance to whom exactly?

    And could you outline what your grievances are with NI football please?

  • Realist

    “The move to Summer football, with Friday night and Sunday fixtures has proved a financial success for the game outside of the north.”

    Has it?

    “Whilst FAI teams are attracting larger crowds”

    Larger crowds than what?

    “there appears to be a staid reluctance on behalf of far too many involved with local football in the north to take the necessary steps to progress the game in the modern era”

    It was two gentlemen who stalled progress last week.

    What steps need to be taken, apart from abolishing the choice restraining “never on a Sunday” rule, to progress the game in the modern era?

  • Nana Mouskouri

    Things change dear people.
    Even I now do it on a Sunday.

  • Mike, what makes you think I am a troll. Check out the link in my signature. The brethren share my views.

  • kensei

    “And could you outline what your grievances are with NI football please? ”

    Absolutely appalling football. Nevermind the sectarianism when what’s on the pitch is more offensive.

  • Mike

    I’m not familiar with how easy or otherwise it is to provide a link on Slugger from your username, however your ‘logic’ appears to be that if I posted on here pretending to be a mongoose and linked to London Zoo, then I must be one.

    It’s not that I “think you are a troll”. You ARE a troll.

    An exceptionally crap one at that.

  • willis

    And probably a sockpuppet too!

  • Sheryl Channing

    Easy Camel Sock Puppet

    What you will need: pair of men’s socks (tan), hot melt glue gun, pink and tan felt, tan fake fur, black and white fun foam, cardboard from a cereal box or thicker cardboard, chalk, scissors and paper, googly eyes, and fiberfill.

    sock puppet diagramWhat to do:

    1. Cut one of the socks as shown in the diagram at the right. Cut along the upper toe seam line so that the lower jaw of the camel is much smaller than the upper jaw.

    2. Print out the patterns and cut out the mouth shape from cardboard. Fold the mouthpiece in half. Score the cardboard on the centerline and fold it in half.

    3. Insert the folded cardboard mouthpiece into the sock so that the curved ends are facing the toe end of the sock. If it is too big, cut the piece smaller to fit so that it doesn’t stretch the sock too much. Cut the mouthpiece smaller if it stretches the material too much.

    4. Remove your hand and flatten out the sock so that the heal of the sock is on top. Cut away the extra sock material around the rounded parts of the cardboard mouthpiece 1/2″ from the edge. See Picture B.

    sock puppet diagram5. Fold open the toe end of the sock and the cardboard mouthpiece. The mouthpiece should be laying on top of the sock with the top toe end of the sock folded up. See Picture C. Place a drop of hot melt glue in the center of the lower edge of the mouthpiece. Shown in picture C with an X. Pull the edge of the sock material over the edge of the cardboard piece and press it in place being careful not to burn yourself. See Picture D. Place another dot of glue on the top edge of the mouthpiece and pull the edge of the sock over the mouthpiece and press down. Place glue all the way around the edge of the mouthpiece a little bit at a time pulling the sock material over the mouthpiece of pressing it down as you go.

    camel sock puppet6. Cut another mouthpiece from pink or red felt for the mouth. Cut it to fit over the cardboard mouthpiece and cover the edge just a little. Glue it down. Cut out a tongue piece and glue it inside the mouth. You may also want to add teeth cut from white fun foam.

    7. To add other features stuff the sock puppet with scrap material to make the puppet firm. Cut ears from tan felt. Cut the eyes from white fun foam and draw in the iris using a black permanent marker. Cut the eyelashes from black fun foam. Cut little slits for the lashes and then pull ever other lash out so that the lashes are more separated. Glue on the eyes, eyelashes and ears.

    8. Use a black permanent marker to draw on the nose.

    9. Cut the toe off the end of the other sock and stuff with fiberfill stuffing. Glue it onto the back of the camel.

    10. Cut out some tan hear and glue it around the front of the ears back to the hump.

    11. To make the legs, cut pieces of tan felt 6″ x 4″ and roll up the pieces and glue along the edge. To make the hooves, cut pieces of black fun foam 1″ x 4.5″. Roll the pieces around the bottom of the legs and glue on.

  • Catch a grip of yourself Mike. I thought some of those posts were troll-tastic. The use of capital letters emphasised my points very well.

  • Confucius

    Maxim 1: Don’t feed a troll. It just increases their Schadenfreude

  • missfitz

    The worst bit is, I dont think True ulster man is a unionist, I think he’s winding up the argument, and that is pathetic altogether.

  • willis

    Tonight Matthew I will be Sammy Wilson.

    I think you got it in one missfitz

  • Realist

    “Absolutely appalling football”

    Do you go to many local games Kensei?

    How do you believe the product could be improved?

  • “I’m not familiar with how easy or otherwise it is to provide a link on Slugger from your username”

    It’s not at all difficult Mike.
    For example, for all you know, I could well be El Matador(click on my name below and see).

    I then come on here and say I’ve seen the S. Belfast Battalion of the GAWA engaging in the ritual sacrifice of little Catholic babies in the centre of Windsor Park (or Loyalist bandmen with UDA tattoos parading round the non-existant premises of a NI supporters club)…

    People check my link and shortly follows the final destruction of El Mat’s already threadbare credibility.

  • sunny

    “or Loyalist bandmen with UDA tattoos parading round the non-existant premises of a NI supporters club

    Is that the apprentice boys band hall in Kimberley street you are talking about ?

    Plenty of loyalist bandsmen and ‘boys’ with uda tattoos parading round those premises.

  • kensei

    “Do you go to many local games Kensei?

    How do you believe the product could be improved? ”

    I used to attend some Cliftonville matches my younger days.

    The product is probably beyond improvement unless someone, somewhere wants to put a serious injection of cash.

    An All-Ireland league is probably a good idea as Northern support would probably concentrate around a few top tier sides, giving them more cash and probably a wee bit more TV money. Sort of that, some sort of arrangement with English clubs to use it as a feeder league and get decent youth training facilities probably the only slim hope.

    The problem is that the grounds are unpleasant, so no one goes, which curts down revenues that can’t then be invested in the grounds or players, so they get worse. It’s a vicious cycle. A mad russion billionaire is needed.

    Oh and the rampant sectarianism needs stamped on, obviously.

  • “Is that the apprentice boys band hall in Kimberley street you are talking about”


    You’re obviously struggling to keep up with the debate here.

    Anyway, the short answer to your question is “no”.

    But do yourself a favour, and please read the relevant parts of the thread before making similar irrelevant and rather idiotic comments in future.

    Thank you.

  • Sorry for offending you pth

    I thought you were looking for an example of a drinking den where n.i supporters clubs, uda tattoos and loyalist bandsmen are one in the same.

  • sunny

    I refer you to my earlier post:

    ” and please read the relevant parts of the thread before making similar irrelevant and rather idiotic comments in future”

    And as I don’t debate with trolls, I bid you farewell.