IRA: good leadership, with some poor members…

If this report on the IMC website, is the one planned for tomorrow, it looks like we can bring you tomorrow’s news tonight! The crucial question is the conduct of the IRA. Broadly it finds that although individual members of the IRA have been involved in criminality, “…the PIRA leadership has committed itself to following a peaceful path. It is working to bring the whole organisation fully along with it and has expended considerable effort [my emphasis] to refocus the movement in support of its objective. In the last three months this process has involved the further dismantling of PIRA as a military structure”. The report covers the period from 1 September 2005 to 28 February 2006, adds to and updates the Eighth Report of February 2006, which was focused on the months of September, October and November 2005. It goes on to state that “this clear strategic will is of fundamental importance and underpins everything else that we say about PIRA below”.

It notes

“that where members of PIRA had engaged in acts of violence this appeared to be contrary to the instructions of the leadership and that certain PIRA units were closing down criminal operations, although some members were still involved in serious organised crime”.


We are not aware of current terrorist, paramilitary or violent activity sanctioned by the leadership. We have had no indications in the last three months of training, engineering activity, recent recruitment or targeting for the purposes of attack. There has now been a substantial erosion in PIRA’s capacity to return to a military campaign without a significant period of build-up, which in any event we do not believe they have any intentions of doing.

It touches on the trouble in Ballymurphy following the murder of Gerard Devlin. It notes that whilst it has no information of instances of IRA members being involved in paramilitary shootings or assaults, it does have information on:

…instances of PIRA members being involved in assaults or other violence, largely arising from personal or local disputes. There is nothing to suggest that these individuals were involved in these actions either at the behest of the organisation or in their capacity as members of it. In some of these cases the PIRA leadership has investigated the incidents though we cannot say what if any action it may have taken. Following the murder of Gerard Devlin in Belfast in February we believe that the organisation sought to defuse the tensions and that despite popular pressure it declined to take violent action. We think nevertheless that PIRA did seek to secure the departure from the area of one of the families involved in the dispute but did not sanction the use of violence [my emphasis].

This shades it just into the safe side. The conditions being adhered to by the IRA, are extremely tight in comparison to those of the Loyalist paramilitaries who caused 95% of the casualties of shootings and 76% of the casualties of assaults during the period under scrutiny

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  • Sohnlein

    One looks forward to the statements from the DUP and UUP tomorrow regarding the assessment of the current state of play with the loyalist paramilitaries…..

    ON The UDA; “(it)continues to act violently, undertaking both shootings and assaults. The organisation aspires to arm and equip itself. The UDA’s heavy involvement in crime, including
    drug dealing and blackmail, continues and in some parts of the organisation
    criminality can be described as endemic…..there is
    some tension at the senior levels and the clear lead to stop targeting nationalists and
    ethnic minorities has not as yet emerged.”

    ON the UVF; ” (it)undertook both shootings and
    assaults over the recent period. It continues to recruit new members throughout
    Northern Ireland. We believe that the weapons, explosives and other paramilitary
    equipment which the police seized from premises in Belfast in February belonged to
    the UVF. Crime is prevalent throughout the organisation….there as yet been the positive move to stop targeting nationalists and
    ethnic minorities for which we called in our Eighth Report.”

  • pitt park

    Another uvf punishment attack in East Belfast this evening.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Hmmm… the police were specific, saying it wasn’t paramilitary.

  • Fenian Bastard

    Not much for paisley and his boys to gurn over on the morning radio.

    Good to see that they are finally begining to separate personal actions of individuals from the political stratedgy of republicans.

    The report is very light on detail on the loyalist and just makes sweeping statements on how bad they are. In comparsion to the PIRA and RIRA assesments it just comes across as almost resigined frustration of them.

    Notice that they are still talking rubbish about the murder of rafferty.

    Big back track on the last report on IRA held arms.

    All in all a predictable and political report.

    PS Marty you claimed the report was fingering the IRA for intelliegence gathering on banks. Not a word. Perhaps your only a one trick pony!

    Well done on the scoop (again?)

  • Intelligence Insider

    It seems that Gerry and Martin have managed to pull a few strings in trying to insure that “the boys” dont get up to much. Or, to be more realistic, not caught with much.

    I lived and worked in Northern Ireland for over 30 years. In most of my working life I encountered the provos, I have yet to meet one of them who would apologise for the way in which they engaged in sectarian warfare against the Protestant population.

  • Conor Gillespie

    Intelligence Insider,

    “In most of my working life I encountered the provos, I have yet to meet one of them who would apologise for the way in which they engaged in sectarian warfare against the Protestant population.”

    Think you’d have better luck with the LVF with respect to Catholics? These bastards have also decided to “stand down.” Both of these organizations are run by terrorists! What more do you expect???!

  • DK

    This is the way things are going to go. Without the day job, unemployed IRA men are finding themselves out on the streets with no practical skills and probably a good deal of psychological problems from what they have seen/done. Is it any surprise that they then go on to become unsanctioned criminals.

    No “care in the community” for these boys – they are trained for one thing, and if criminality isn’t the path, then the dissidents are always recruiting…

  • ingram


    You have a point ” Care in the community”. Shall we re-introduce internment?


    PS. Joke.

  • mickhall


    This is what happens the world over to old soldiers whether they be PIRA or British army. After all only so many can be employed in the ‘security industry’.

    if you doubt what I say take a walk around london and have a chat with the winos and rough sleepers a large proportion of whom have served in the armed forces.

    Regards to all.

  • Henry94

    Good point Mick and very important to take steps to avoid it. It is time to legalise the IRA so that it can more effectively deal with the welfare, social and educational needs of its members.

  • Joe

    Mickall, your comment reminds me of a story I heard.
    This British Army General comes out of the Officer’s club to find a legless beggar sitting there with a placard around his neck saying “Veteran of the Falkland’s War.
    The general is most upset, takes out his wallet and hands the beggar all of his notes, saying, It’s disgraceful that brave soldiers should end up this way”
    The begger replies “Gratias Senor”

  • mickhall

    Nice one Joe.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Ingram: “You have a point “ Care in the community”. Shall we re-introduce internment?


    PS. Joke. ”

    PPS. Not funny.

  • circles

    How about putting the internment boot on the other foot this time Ingram, and burying it up the loyalists arse?

    Although I think that would be a waste of time. The Unionist politicos have to rein their own dogs in on this one, and everyone should pile pressure on them to do it.