More speculation on IMC report?

Perhaps not.. it follows, mostly, the earlier line.. but I did wonder who the BBC were quoting in the headline of this report.. it seems that they’re quoting one of their own journalists, Vincent Kearney, who has either read the IMC report, before it’s published, or is relying on someone who has – it’s not clear which. But the most interesting point of the apparent leak is on a point the IMC made in their previous report in February.. a point Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuiness was clearly unhappy about at the time.. From the BBC NI’s home affairs correspondent, Vincent Kearney –

In the latest report, to be published this week, the IMC will stand by the claim that not all of the IRA’s weapons were decommissioned.

But, crucially, it will say that the weapons were retained by local IRA units and that the move was not sanctioned by the organisation’s leadership.

That clarification, and the commission’s view that the IRA remains committed to the political process, will be welcomed by the British and Irish governments as they strive to restore the assembly at Stormont.

But unionists, who reacted swiftly to the claim that the IRA had retained weapons, are likely to be much more reticent this time around.

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