Assembly delay in the pipeline..?

And relax…. It looks like Peter Hain may be floating another kite. This time, RTE speculates, he may be working on a plan to drop any requirement for fresh Assembly elections in May 07. The idea being, apparently, to give the current Assembly a chance to bed in. He has also (as Pete noted last night) quashed any idea of joint authority:

There is absolutely no question of joint authority or joint government at all. There is plenty of scope for practical co-operation provided through the architecture of the Good Friday Agreement cross-Border co-operation across a number of areas on energy, the economy, on child offending, on getting rid of unfair mobile phone roaming charges and having a single all-island mobile phone rate. On all those issues and many more, there is tremendous scope for future co-operation and, indeed, much of it is already taking place but there is no question of joint authority at all.

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