Decommissioning done, only criminality to go…

Noel MacAdam reads into the IRA’s Easter statement that the organisation may have determined to put its own house in order viz a viz criminal activities.

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  • Roger

    How could the IRA deal with IRA ex-criminals? they have two choices- helping a police force they still oppose or using criminal methods themselves. The first is likely to send more of their members off to join the holdouts, the second is evidence that they haven’t changed.

  • TL

    It’s all just a bit disingenuous after Gerry Adams said, “Tom Murphy is not a criminal. He is a good republican.”

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Anyone want to take a wager that *if* SF/PIRA get a clean bill of health of criminality, at least in the main, someone is going more the goal-posts yet again?