IRA disown criminals…

As part of its Easter message, the IRA seems to be putting some distance between itself and former members now looking to take up a full time career in crime. According to El Blogador, it is also now owning up to the killing of Eugene McQuaid back in 1974. McQuaid was previously listed as a casulty of the British Army, according to the Sutton Index: “killed by booby trap rockets which exploded while he was transporting them on his motor cycle, Killeen, County Armagh”.

  • mark

    You know that An Phoblacht paper the site mentioned earlier? It may be an idea to read it occasionally.

    You’ll find the text of both IRA statements.

  • Mark, the statement I have on El Blogador is extended in content beyond the one in AP/RN, in that it mentions specifically the criminality.

  • mark

    Extended? The newpaper has the same statement, as does the website. I’m assuming the full version only being on the website in Irish is what makes you think you have something extra?
    The McQuaid apology is also in both print and online editions.

  • A welcome IRA statement, notice how it differs completely from the UVF’s veiled threat.
    But in our “peace process” there’ll be no heat on the representatives of unionism, but plenty of finger-pointing towards SF should there be any difficulties in the months ahead.
    Another unequal situation, in a long line of inequalities.
    This reality has arisen out of the cocked dice of an in-built majority set up in 1921 and the DUP’s clever manouevring so as not to be seen supporting loyalist paramilitaries.
    Deep down the DUP will be happy that loyalists aren’t decomissiong, just in case JA is threatened after 24th Nov, they’ll have their boyos to step up the violent agitation.
    Stomach churning hypocracy!


    I’m still confused as to what makes one person engaged in illegal activity for personal gain a “criminal” and another a Good Republican>/i>?

    Anyone want to explain that one to me?

  • Jacko


    Yes, no doubt Slab would be only too happy to provide clarification in some secluded part of south Armagh.

  • So, when the IRA denied having any responsibility at the time of his death they were LYING. I see. But now they are good and kind ex-terrorists because they’re being truthful – 32 years later. How brave and noble. Can we expect the truth about Denis Donaldson’s murder around 2040? Look on it as an Easter message for slow learners – Irish Republicanism and the truth are passing strangers.

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all, Why is PIRA still issuing statements? Last July 28, 2005 the leadership of PIRA formerly ordered an end to the armed campaigned…ergo and end of PIRA.

  • TL

    Of course the criminals of which they speak do not include “Slab”…it was decided he was a genleman farmer with a really nasty smoking habbit and a fear of banks, right?

  • ct

    Are these former members now operating so effectively that they are undermining the criminal activities of current members?

  • is that so?

    Who would have thought a decade ago the ira would have surrendered, sf would be on the british payroll administering british rule in this part of the uk and p oneill would be issuing condemnations of ira members. It really does show how much sf/ira has been infiltrated and run by MI5. I bet P Oneills statements are in fact now issued from whitehall. You really have to admire the british for their cunning.

  • Reader

    Kathy_C: Last July 28, 2005 the leadership of PIRA formerly ordered an end to the armed campaigned…ergo and end of PIRA
    Nope. There are lots of organisations thet exist, but don’t run an armed campaign. And the statement implied that the IRA would continue to exist.

  • andy

    Has anyone read a book by Fred Holroyd, an ex-british intelligence operative in the North called “war without honour”?

    I could be wrong but i thought he accuses other members of british intelligence of tampering with the rockets, so that they would explode when moved, that killed McQuaid.

    I can’t read Irish so not sure if this is at mentioned at all in the online statement….