Donaldson and his two masters

Anthony McIntyre looks back on his memory of Denis Donaldson, and wonders to what degree Donaldson actually compromised himself, since for the period of the Peace Process Sinn Fein and the British shared one major agenda – the quashing of dissent from the Agreement.

  • ingram

    Mr Mc has a knack of of looking into areas others would dismiss, the irony of Denis asking him to review a spook book is humorous and interesting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiances.


  • Kathy_C

    Hi all,

    I thought it was a good piece. And it brings up many important issues including how the Donaldson agenda was to try and crush any critism in the US. Bush has used successfully in the past (yet it isn’t having the same effect) …you are either with him or against him…and if you are against him you are not a true American. SF has adopted this approach under Donaldson and (I might add with the approval of the leadership) you either praise the peace process as they see it…or you are stupid and have no right to comment since the US person doens’t live there or experienced the horrors of british occupation.
    I read that an IRA official stated that the IRA didn’t kill Donaldson and that he had wished that Donaldson live a long life as an outed informer because that kind of life is miserable.