Blast incendiary device in hijacked van

The bomb alert on the Ryanair plane was a hoax. The incendiary bomb placed in the van, hijacked last night by three armed and masked men, and whose driver was then ordered to take it to the Strand Road police station in Derry, was not. As a recent New York Times article pointed out, reprinted here, the army bomb disposal teams, EODR, were called out 495 times last year, and dealt with 51 viable devices.

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  • Elvis Parker

    Yeah but at least they now have nice White trucks rather than those horrible war like army green!

  • Disgusting. It’s interesting to note that it is these pseudo-republicans who are keeping the British Army in business in the north. If they stopped carrying-out attacks such as this or pipe-bombing Pat Ramsey and Eugene McMenamin, then it would reduce the case for having British troops here in such numbers as they would have nothing to do. As it stands, idiotic incidents such as this give the ‘Brits’ plenty to be getting on with. The fools.

  • DK

    El matador,

    I think that you posted 30-40 years to late.

  • joe

    Folks please remember that these type of incidents regardless of how ridiculous will continue as long as there is a British presence. Just because the Brits remove a few soldiers doesnt mean that they still dont occupy part of Ireland illegally. Nothing much has changed so should armed Republicans go away……

  • DK-

    Not late. Just unfortunately still relevant.

  • DK

    Yes, Joe, they should go away. I believe that this was the consensus agreed some time ago (was it the Good Friday agreement or something).

  • Joe-

    “Nothing much has changed so should armed Republicans go away……”


    “these type of incidents regardless of how ridiculous will continue as long as there is a British presence.”

    This wasn’t aimed at the ‘British presence’- it was aimed at the police, and despite what you say, a lot has changed. Apart from that, you make out that those involved are automatons inately reacting to the British presence and having no respensibility for their own actions. Now, it may be true that such ‘freedom fighters’ are found to be wanting in the cerebral department, but I think you give them too little credit. They are to blame for their own actions- they have no mandate, and their conduct will produce no positive results. The way to bring change is around the negotiating table, not by kidnapping people and making them drive bombs through residential areas.

  • I think that this was the same tactic used to kill Patsy Gillespie and soldiers in the same area some years back. Except then, it was acceptable and now it is not?

    From the news this lunchtime, it would appear that the detonator clock had in fact reached its deonation point and this man and many others are in fact lucky to be alive. What should be done with such people?

    My money would be on a link between this and the killing of Denis Donaldson last week. A clear RIRA effort is underway to disrupt the political process. They are ready and willing to inflict another Omagh and the current readiness acorss nationalism to “worship” the men of 1916 is fuelling their zealotry. 1916 was unpopular then Omagh was unpopular in 1998 and another bomb would be unpopular now. But they simply don’t care.

  • fartrick

    which part of “ireland unfree shall never be at peace” dont you smart folk understand….

  • J Kelly

    fartrick i wouldn’t mind if these people could mount a decent operation, they haven’t the b***s. Are you serious to say that a hijacked van with a bomb that wouldn’t or couldn’t explode is a war, come on. Why don’t they pack up and go away and stop embarrasing themselves and the republican cause. Boys playing toy soldiers.

  • “i wouldn’t mind if these people could mount a decent operation”

    Interesting that you also continue to support violence, Mr Kelly. You just dont think these people are capaable of killing enough then, is that it? Brave man you are.

  • J Kelly

    No not at all i believe that these people are blockages to the ideals of republicanism. As a republican i understand the motives and the issues that cause people to use arms as a means of achieving political change. In using this phrase I am trying to illustrate the futility of this campaign. Dont get me wrong i am firmly of the opinion that at this juncture the way to achieve political change on this island is by political means and for me that is to support and if one wishes work for Sinn Fein. I dont see for the foreseable future that armed struggle would be an realistic option to achieving political change on this island.

  • Yokel


    Its a forum, we have lots of armchair generals….I’ve seen J Kelly’s house and the number of copies of Soldier of Fortune magazine..perfectly stacked in order since March 1983…The “McGyver Tricks,Could They Work For Real” edition is actually framed on the wall.

    The dissidents are still there, they are also still pulling in disaffected Provos but at this time they lack full organisation and the logistical tail that Provos have. In additon a bunch got lifted on the Springfield Road a week or so ago apparently sitting with bits and pieces of bomb making material in the house. If you look at those involved and their addresses it would suggest that the dissidents do not have a complete capability within a single geographical area, a pre-requisite to carrying out a widespread and effective campaign. Also the fact that they have not been more active suggests internally they are not organised enough or they are being sat on in a big way and can’t get too much going.

    Owners of coffee grinders, protect your property….

  • Yokel

    J Kelly…only having ya on…I know the only subscription you got is to Buddhist Inner Peace Monthly….

  • J Kelly

    The dissidents are still there, they are also still pulling in disaffected Provos but at this time they lack full organisation and the logistical tail that Provos have.

    YOKEL I would like to see your evidence that they are still pulling in disaffected provos. The reality on the ground in Derry is that they are becoming an ever decreasing circle and even more irrelevant.

  • nmc

    “they are becoming an ever decreasing circle and even more irrelevant.”

    I’d agree with that, they’re up against everything. They have very marginal support in the west.

  • Yokel

    J Kelly

    Maybe not in Derry but elsewhere. I’m not saying its a flood because the major break happened some time ago, but the occasional ones and twos are still cross-decking in Belfast & Armagh that I’m aware of. Derry I’m no specialist on. Whether they are major players is another story but there is a still some from Provo ranks. It doesn’t take that many to get some kind of effort going, however sporadic and half arsed. It’s only takes one or two with a bit more savvy and then we might see something more susbstantive in terms of armed activity.

    The fact that they don’t have the organisational logistical tail is fairly self evident, I’m sure you would agree. Logistics here is seen in the broadest sense, not just in terms of guns and bombs but also in terms of a network willing to help them out and perhaps in skill.

  • Are the Provos losing control – lets not kid ourselves that if the detonator hadn’t malfunctioned there would be a major crisis in the “peace process” today – do we have a PLO/Hamas scenario emerging? If so Gerry and Martin are the wrong men at the table….

  • Yokel


    They are only losing control if

    a) its their kit thats being used against their
    wishes in some way


    b) Its their personnel who are involved against their wishes.

    They can’t be losing control of an organisation or people they have no organisational control over. Influence over them (the dissidents) yes, they could always threaten them to cut it out but thats not the same as control.

  • Yokel

    I see the Provo easter statement has arrived. How long before its sponsored by a Chocolate company?

  • it then only a matter of time and political drift that could see these people return to a sort of early 1970s bombing?

    Someone who was 8 in 1994 would now be 20 and could be influenced by the sort of rhetoric that I see daily being heaped on the men of 1916.

    Is it not someehwat dangerous to revive memories and patriotism associated with those men and those days? It seems to me to serve only the RIRA and RSF and their kin.