A tired old Vaudeville act…

Writing just before yesterday’s statement, Lindy McDowell looks forward to the end of the Blair and Bertie show. She reckons it’s not much more than lights, smoke and mirrors.

A re-run of show-stoppers like the old set-to between Sinn Fein and the DUP over whether the lilies in the Stormont jug should be Easter or orange, may be all people need to remind them of just why they turned off in the first place. It’s very commendable for Blair and Bertie productions to insist that the show must go on.

But given that the Governments have no clear plot for a way forward, have put too much reliance (as ever) on spin and photo opportunities and have no obvious grasp of the enormity of the lack of trust on all sides, the distinct possibility is not just curtains for our under-performing MLAs. But lights out for the whole damn show.

  • Snuff Box

    As for the governments not grasping the void in trust how can that be true when they has been spending 5 to 10 years indulging pollitical parties here and still no definite deal? Blair speaks abut lack of trust all the time.

    The end of the Ahern/Blair double act will only lead to a new pairing who surely wont spend half as much time refereeing the politics here. Unionists may await a PM like Cameron with glee or even GB may be much preferred but the truth is the rules of the game have be set by Blair. Dont expect the dour scotsman to go tinkering too much.

  • páid

    beg to differ, s-l. I think we saw the final encore of the Tony & Bertie show yesterday. They are both exiting stage left next year and have the confidence of leaders who are unassailable and determined to leave their mark. Either they will accept Xmas plaudits about how they got SF and the DUP working together, with cuddly ol’ Ian and curly Máirtín running the show..unthinkable progress…hand of history..blah blah OR civil servants will gradually implement JA at a pace fast enough to placate green and slow enough to mute Orange. Either way, they win. The NI electorate are so softened up and jaded at this stage they would take JA from the Congo and Lapland.

  • páid

    and that comment followed one from spirit-level which has disappeared. Don’t know why, didn’t fully agree with it, but seemed reasonable??